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A Quick Message from Tomi Lahren to Political Bullpen

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to share a quick message from Tomi Lahren with all of you! I also wanted to thank everyone for the great contributions that you all make as a part of this community. Our presen…

19 December 10, 2019
Welcome to the Political Bullpen 2 December 1, 2018
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Woman in Sweden nearly beaten to death with a wooden plank at a bus stop 20 December 10, 2019
North Italian Men Dressed as Krampus Attack Migrants 28 December 10, 2019
Retail Worker Sanna Marin of Finland to Become World’s Youngest Prime Minister 14 December 10, 2019
Make a case for the politician or policy you detest. To demonstrate, I will try to make a case for Hillary 24 December 10, 2019
T.I. Says He Takes Teen Daughter to Doctor to Make Sure She's a Virgin 5 December 10, 2019
This is Why the GOP Loses: House Republicans Cut Ties With GOP Candidate Who Said Ilhan Omar Should Be Hanged 47 December 10, 2019
Ivanka and Steele 1 December 10, 2019
VIRGINIA: County Enlists Citizen Militia to Resist Red Flag Laws, Protect Gun Rights 22 December 10, 2019
Pentagon won’t call Pensacola Navy base shooting “terror,” but Rep. Matt Gaetz does 27 December 10, 2019
Which football player in NFL history would you clone and make immortal in their prime and play that position for any team you choose? 20 December 9, 2019
One sign the U.S. economy not doing well: international adoptions fell off a cliff 11 December 9, 2019
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House Passes Bill Creating Backdoor Route for Wealthy Chinese to Move to US 19 December 9, 2019
Biden Has a Public Meltdown Calls Iowa Man Liar and Fat 19 December 9, 2019
Report: Six Saudi Nationals Arrested Following Attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station 26 December 9, 2019
UPS Truck Gets Hijacked After Failed Armed Robbery; 4 Dead in Insane Televised Shootout 30 December 8, 2019