Ukraine Russia War Front and Updates 🪖

Interesting how we hear almost no accurate news as to what is happening with Russia and Ukraine war, only the billions of dollars that the US is sending on a daily basis with the intent to bankrupt the US taxpayer. This thread is dedicated to anything related to Ukraine and Russia developing news as it seems we may be entering a new phase of this conflict. Russia is not about to cry Uncle and cede to the US’s proxy war.

Victor Davis Hanson lays out chilling scenario

Now China

In their previous meeting just three weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, Putin and Xi signed a “no limits” friendship pact.

In a sign of that agreement, Putin expressed support for China on Taiwan, which rules itself via democratically elected leaders but Beijing sees as a breakaway province.

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Alex Christoforou said in his monologue a few hours ago — I don’t know his source — that there may be surprise referendums in Lugansk and Donetsk (Republics) as well as in Kherson as to whether or not they want to join the Russian Federation. If the votes are yes and the Russian Duma recognizes the wishes expressed in the Donbass and Kherson, this will be a whole new ball game.

Any attack by the Kiev regime (and the NATO) on the civilians of these regions will be considered a direct attack on the Russian Federation.

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Gonzalo Lira reports from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Ukraine lost 36,000 men in recent “offensives.”


I jokingly suggested that either Lugansk or Donetsk Republic invite North Korean troops, because NK has recognized the Donbass republics.

Wouldn’tcha know? Bulletin - Chinese Military Convoy Enters Ukraine From Russia! Emergency Alert! Chinese Troops Are Now Entering Ukraine to Fight for Russia! - Video | War and Conflict | Before It's News

I can confirm this! Crazy!

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Wtf is a Ukaine? Asking for a friend lol

He served in the US military in the past.
He has a Slavic accent but it’s clearly understandable.

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Good summary of the current situation

Thanks for posting these! It gives the rest of us alternate views to reveal what is really going on in Ukraine.

I wonder with all the millions that is being spent from America, what does Zelensky have to show for it?

Serbian President just made this proclamation at the UN

I was under the impression that Russia had things in control, apparently that is not entirely the case.