The End Game is Here 🎯 🎱

What is the “end game” really mean? Achieving an objective by certain individuals, groups or political entities for an intended outcome? We can dig into our cultural archives to see what people such as Rod Serling was trying to warn us about, but at the time, people were too comatosed on consumerism to even care about such warnings and thus chalked it up as mere fiction. We see this in today’s cultural Marxists known as the left where pointing out such warnings is met with dismissal in the form of altruism where the dangers of encroachment of civil liberties has now been breached. Leftists of the extreme kind are not our friends thus have no use in the greater discourse of what is happening when it comes to regaining our freedoms in the shroud of COVID restrictions, however the elitists who seek to occupy public office will use them in order to seek an advantage to gain power. The problem is, whether or not they have the numbers to do it. If election integrity in terms of a verification process, or the rule of law being restored is not achieved then its game over.

So, back to the “End Game”…

What does Biden’s fraudulent election, Gofundme, the Canadian Trucker protest and COVID all have in common? In layman terms those dots are not readily connected as basic necessities of life take a higher priority than focusing on the macro of protests and political machinations that seem treasonous with a MSM adding to the fodder of distractions and petty divisions. However the end game is implementing a cashless system, complete with a robust surveillance arm and digital base to which compliance is the objective. No force is necessary if one gets shut out of society for not obeying the wishful demands of totalitarian dictators who wall themselves with armed security and layers of bureaucracy.

The Five eyes already have such a system in place and have been moving forward with this plan for quite some time. Imagine this same scenario - where everyone is in a digital ID system. There will be no need for strong-arm tactics nor police intimidation. The state will simply “lock you out” of society if you do not comply. Digital ID = global surveillance & absolute compliance.

This is what its all about:

“By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet.” — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p’ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass

This is the system Canada (& the other FiveEyes are implementing now. Make no mistake, this is absolute digital enslavement. We are at a pivotal juncture. If you are not behind this #workingclass uprising, you are on the wrong side of history. #UNITY

The Canadian Trucker protest is much more than mandates and protests against COVID pass, but a protest against what the larger objective is and where its going, so either the Truckers fail or they prevail to prevent this from happening because if it does there never will be another free election or free society ever again.

What the China Credit score system is, and was, is a proving ground for the rest of the world especially FIVE eyes countries that are seeking to import this system in order to have total control over the masses, something I have been a dog whistle on for quite some time, only now more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that we are now ever so close to its realization of being implemented world wide.

I am just the messenger, and hope you are paying attention because the end game is here and fighting against it will be the difference in defeating the elites in order to regain our freedoms or being enslaved by a digital culture to which ordinary life will be gone forever.


Looks like some are starting to get what is at stake here.

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I am not very inclined toward conspiracy theories–of any sort.

No conspiracy theories–of any sort. I did my homework and I suggest you do the same!

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No one knows the future, but it’s pretty clear that it won’t be a happy one. We’ve lived through a ‘Golden Age’ in America, and that’s now past.

So … what to do? First of all, obviously, ‘prepare’. It’s the individual/family equivalent of the first Rule of War: ‘Secure Your Base’. Get your family into a position where it can survive on its own for a year or more.

Secondly, organize, at the local level. Every patriot should be part of a local organization which has trained and prepared to deal with catastrophes, be they natural or man-made. With sufficient numbers – a hundred people or more – such an organization can take advantage of the division of labor and specialization, and have, in addition to a contingent which can enforce security against armed rioters, sections dealing with comms, medical, transport, engineering, public relations, logistics.

There are some weak points that such groups will have, which we must be aware of – these are places to expect enemy attacks.

(1) ‘Terrorism’. Agents provocateurs and ‘sincere’ emotionally immature people with manhood problems will spout a lot of hot air that will verge on advocating sedition. While being technically prepared, we must not appear like people preparing to overthrowing the government. Legal and peaceful … that’s us. The person hinting that we need to acquire really serious weaponry, or that we should do something dramatic to galvanize the situation … is a police agent. Show him the door.

(2) Resist Leftist attempts to split patriots along ethnic lines. For decades, the Left tried to split America on class lines. It didn’t work. But the racial/ethnic fracture lines are real, and now the Left is working hard to open those lines.

We need every patriot, of whatever religion, or whatever skin color.

The person deprecating Blacks, insulting Hispanics, muttering darkly about the ■■■■ … is an agent of the Left, even if they are too stupid to know it.

In a war, you maximize the number of your allies. You do your best to pull your enemy’s allies into being neutrals.

Thirdly, every patriot who is under 36 years of age and who has not done his military service, should enlist in the National Guard. Every local organization should seek to establish the closest possible personal contacts with any local military and the police.

Finally … we have to understand we are not playing games. There are things we may believe, but which we must not say. There are things which are done, and not said. There are things which are said, and not done.

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

We’re in a war, and we have to act like it.

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Translation: If only I will do “my homework,” I will come to the same conclusion that you did.

Are you familiar with the No True Scotsman fallacy?

To decide, in advance, that anyone who does his “homework,” and arrives at a different conclusion, must, therefore, be defective in his reasoning, seems very similar to this.

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So, we are “in a war”?

And America is divided into “patriots” and…well, traitors, I suppose?

Because it is no longer a “Golden Age” in America?

(I fully agree with Ronald Reagan: America is a “shining city on a hill”–not was a “shining city on a hill.”)

No you wouldn’t otherwise you wouldn’t be coming here calling it conspiracy theories without an honest examination of the facts. At 70 years of age you are not very malleable beyond what others may show you, clearly you exhibit this trait and there is no use for stubborn fools who refuse to see past their own myopic blinders. Can an old dog learn new tricks? Why do you come here? Are you here to have an open intelliegent discussion or simply discredit something you clearly haven’t researched for yourself?

Well, it is obvious that you wish to do nothing to defend your position (is it, perhaps, because because you cannot?). Rather, you are content merely to label me a “stubborn fool,” and pretend that my age (presumably, you are much younger) must make me wrong.

Of course, you do not even address my question as concerning the No True Scotsman fallacy.

Can you understand why I am increasingly looking upon you as a mere troll?

I don’t have to defend my position its already stated in the OP that I created. It is you that came here without anything to offer as an opposing view to as to why its is what you claim to be as being mere conspiracy theories, at least be man enough to own it. You don’t do nothing but accuse of what is being presented as conspiracy theory yet you keep returning here for some reason which I might suspect I hit a nerve.

Thats because I simply don’t care to know
As far as your “Scotsman fallacy” is more dumb shit to which I can’t be bothered with. I am Native American I have my own cultural uncorruptible beliefs and could care less about some stupid Scotsman bullshit! If you got something intelligent to offer to the conversation here then do so, otherwise go and grovel somewhere else old man.

Again I don’t care!

How can I be a troll in my own thread? You obviously haven’t thought that one through enough Einstein! Nice! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Really, I don’t care how you look upon me, or what you think of me or what your opinion is it means absolutely zero to me as its obvious you are another clueless sheep that has no idea what is going in the greater discourse of things playing out in the world right now. Proof of you trying to dismiss what is being said in this OP is enough! Now you are all of sudden butthurt by taking animus with me because I called you out on being a rigid old stooge who is not capable of accepting other points of view! If you want to remain close minded with blinders on your eyes that is your business, I am more than happy to ignore you as time is better spent with people who actually understand and know what is happening. Got it?

Maybe conversing with Montecrusty is more your speed!

Now, let me see:

Simply because you are a Native American (i.e. an American Indian), you are free to ignore the list of logical fallacies–as regarding which, the No True Scotsman fallacy is one.

Why, you simply have nothing more to offer than to call me an “old man.”

(It is obvious that you consider anyone who does not march in lockstep with you to be “a rigid old stooge.”)

But since you have an apocalyptic point of view, why, I suppose that anyone who does not accept your preaching must automatically be The Enemy…

No what part of I don’t care do you not understand? I think I was pretty clear, but still you come back to some theoretical outdated bullshit and are insistent on doubling down with it. Sounds like Boomer talk to me.

Probably the same reason why you are not able to offer any tangible cogent argument on the contrary to discredit what is stated in the OP other than an calling it a mere conspiracy theory.

Its quite simple, based on the previous responses you provided is based on nothing more than you not being able to see beyond your myopia. You didn’t find it acceptable that people have legit criticisms when it comes to Joos, as you basically call them antisemitic. You even mischaracterized something I said in another thread, so yes, you come off as a stuffy stooge who refuses to see others points of view while being defensive and dismissive at the same time.

Then why are you here in this thread commenting? It would be just as easy for you to ignore it then feeling the need to placate your own bruised ego by being antagonistic. So why comment at all?

Apocalyptic? Whats the matter? Is coming to grips with your own mortality hard to accept? Especially when you refuse to change with the ever fast changing world around you? I smell fear and denial on your part!

You say you are practicing Christian, but I find it weird here you are not talking from a Christ like point of view. Go figure!

Like I said, maybe Montecrusty is more your speed, at least he can provide the echo chamber that you truly seek and feel most comfortable with.

Oh, I quite understand my own mortality. But I still do not have an apocalyptic point of view–as you appear to have.

Perhaps you should remove the log from your own eye, before criticizing another person’s “Christ like point of view.” (If your words have been “Christ like,” well, you could certainly have fooled me!)

I have an idea: If you find me to be unacceptable, why not just ignore me in the future?

Apocalyptic is right up there with you calling me a troll in my own thread or mischaracterizing anything I have said such as accusing me of calling joows Goat fkers or stating you know what I believe in but when asked to clarify you simply become purposely obtuse. I am starting to think you are getting senile or you simply don’t know what those words mean. I think its you that is being the troll here.

No where did I say my words where Christ like, but then again it was you who said you know what I believe in, but could not provide a detailed explanation as to what that is when called out on it. Your MO is pretty obvious and hypocritical as well!

Again, why did you feel the need to come here and start your antagonistic bullshit to begin with? Your retort is “if you find me unacceptable why don’t you just ignore me in the future” What? You playing the victim now? Hilarious! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I created this thread to have an intelligent discussion something you tried in vane to derail with your woman like bitching because you had nothing to offer, and you still don’t as evidenced by your continuous driveling. Again, why do you continue to comment in this thread? Ignoring the question is not going to make you look smarter here either.

Why you would imagine that it is impossible to act as a troll in one’s own thread, I have absolutely no idea.

You may not have said that your specific words were “Christ like”; but your questioning my own Christianity certainly led me to believe–reasonably enough, I think–that you purported to be a practicing Christian yourself (although you have otherwise given me no good reason to believe that this is the case).

And just where did you get this “playing the victim” silliness?

In any case, if you find me to be unacceptable, why not just ignore me–in all threads, and not just in this one?

Oh, your reference to “woman like bitching” makes me think that you are a sexist–in addition to being an ageist.

Are you truly proud of your evident bigotry?



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Projection is rich coming from you when its exactly what you are doing here, being a troll. You refused to answer or accept the responsibility that it was you that came here and starting being antagonistic with your bullshit, then refuses to answer why do you keep coming back in this thread if you don’t like the subject matter? Answer: Because you can’t help yourself!

Hey if you are going to act like a jackass, I will call it out, regardless what religion you are. As far as what you believe what I am is more of the same projection on your part. You accuse me of being a bigot but it was you who prejudges people here all the time. Again you are a fucking hypocrite, so get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

Gee I don’t know, the fact twice now you asking me about if not finding you unacceptable why not ignore you? What the fuck bitch ass shit is that? Waaa waaaa! “Poor little me”, waaa waaa, You crying yet you keep coming back to this thread for some reason and continue with your asinine crapola!

Again for the fourth time why did you feel the need to be antagonistic in this thread to begin with? Why do you continue commenting in this thread? Its obvious you don’t like this question as you continue to avoid it. As far as ignoring you in other threads I don’t have much interaction with you here to begin with so no big loss as your too busy licking Montecrusty’s ass here all the time anyway so no one cares, and I certainly don’t.

Nope! Just calling you out as being whiny little bitch because you can’t seem to stay on topic but instead you decided to attack me personally by being a Karen with all the nonsense you so far ramble on about instead of moving on. You started this shit with me now you want to call me Sexist? Oh boy, you must be a real joy to be around with, again projection at its finest.


Well, I suppose this should confirm–to anyone who still had some doubt–just what a class act you are…