We are not alone on this planet

Some things are hard to explain in “scientific” terms.

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I have seen the deserts of the Middle East, American southwest and Australia but these deserts were not dead; they were teeming with life.

Maybe SPACE ALIENS are living among us.

Maybe we are the space aliens. LOL

Strange things seem to happen.
The only experience I had and similar to one of the stories above occurred when I heard people talking where there was no one.

Some years ago I went up the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff AZ. I did not go high, and sat under the trees and that’s when I heard voices coming from among trees. Nothing hostile or ghostly. Just like ordinary people chatting, perhaps like in a cafe.

They have always been here we as a species has never accepted it.

Playing chess with a ghost every night in an Arizona retirement home.

Healed by a wolf / human witch outside Sedona.
Not all unknown beings are evil.

Over all, stupid humans do not trust the instinct or gut feeling, and get in all kinds unnecessary trouble. Only a handful return and tell the tale.

I believe there are SPACE ALIENS in DC.

535 of them. :wink:


I absolutely agree 100%.

Giants have been with us all the time.

Some are somewhat taller than us, while many are several times taller.
At the same time, tiny midgets have been found in the Philippines.

I wonder if the wolf can lick its own balls!:joy:

The Old Testament narratives were re-written in the 6th century BC from the original Sumerian texts to cloud the issue.

The Sumerians spoke of “anunnaki” (those from Heaven to Earth came), meaning ETs with advanced technology who descended from space to Earth surface at certain locations.

Most of these anunnaki did not have the best interest for humans. They were colonial rulers who regarded humans as mere slaves and established the control system through religion, banking and finances.

This control system has been in place for thousands of years through 20th and 21st centuries. The top of this food chain is occupied by the anunnaki while their minions (part human and part anunnaki) are the administrators such as the royalties of Europe and Asia and priests of various religious establishments.

This system has to be dismantled if humanity really want to be free.

It is about time humanity realized that the religious differences were put in place intentionally, so that humanity would never unite against the non-human overlords and their minions.

Is it still a secret?

There are sightings of mammoths in Alaska and northwest Canada.
In Australia, I met a few people who saw Tasmania tigers in southeast Australia.

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Stay away from Death Valley.
There are strange beings there. Evil spirits? Perhaps.

Its too hot in death Valley!

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I thought you might find this rather interesting.

Hmmmm… that is definitely interesting. I was 27 years old when Challenger happened… and newly married.

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