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“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted.”
-Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune


Interesting insight he had…:thinking:

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That is interesting and as I ponder it, there is a lot of truth in it. Not sure I agree with the last sentence though.

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Hard to disagree with this. The last sentence… meh? not so sure, but I won’t discount it.

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“They say prostitution is the oldest profession known to man,
followed by politics.
The two are in perfect company that compliment each other in the mirror”


“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”… Plato.


What Would Nietzsche Think of 21st Century Society?

Interesting quotes from some of the greatest minds both living and passed. Such looks into the historical lens is when its obvious our species is living in a time where searching for solutions to fix the morass we created is desperately needed.

“A nations identity is reflected by its culture of media”~ unknown

“There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." (Mark Twain)


Mark Twain is probably one of my favorites when it comes to quotes. The era he lived in is fascinating times in American history. I wonder if cancel and woke culture will go after him?


“Literature and music are like companions, lovers living in exile from a culture devoid for their appreciation.” ~ Unknown

George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984 has often been invoked for its ability to predict the increasingly arbitrary and tyrannical nature of our present society.

But three years before the publication of 1984, another dystopian novel which was in some respects more prescient than Orwell’s appeared in English bookstores.

Like 1984, only on a smaller scale, C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength describes a descent into tyranny that bears an eerie resemblance to our current situation. However, Lewis foresaw a few things that weren’t on Orwell’s radar.

When Orwell reviewed That Hideous Strength shortly after its publication in 1945, he warned that “we are within sight of a time when such [monstrous] dreams will be realizable.” But Orwell also criticized Lewis for bringing “supernatural elements” into the story because “they offend the average reader’s sense of probability.”

But if there are supernatural forces at work in the world, wouldn’t one be remiss not to mention it? The dystopian society depicted in 1984 was based partly on Nazi Germany and partly on Soviet communism. Yet, both regimes took a deep interest in the supernatural. The Nazis hoped to replace Christianity with an occult religion centered on Hitler as savior. And the Leninists and Stalinist wished to stamp out belief in God altogether. They slaughtered tens of thousands of priests and nuns in the process.

Many Christians and some agnostics, as well, view our present culture wars in similar terms—as a conflict between those who believe in God and those who think that humans can shape their own destiny without any reference to God or his laws.