Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 87

Unlikely. They are saying she is going to participate in tomorrow’s Supreme Court arguments over the phone.

EDIT: when I started this thread I predicted that she would be phoning in her votes and not making public appearances.

If she dies expect that to be the Democrats redline and all Hell breaks loose.


I wish her well. She is the only person that could save herself.

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They are preparing for the final announcement that she is dead, seems like.

Headlines might read: Judge Ginsburg died of Covid_19

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Which might give impetus to making a case that replacing her will be with exempt status due to using the virus as an excuse to appointing a special committee in finding her successor.

Who changed the title on this?

If you have the PoliticalBullpen BattlePass ©, you can see the people behind the edits.

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It’s official. RBG is no longer with us.


Oh shit! Get the popcorn!


Buckle up, the left will wet their panties.


Holy shit, it’s real this time after a thousand fake reports.

I knew she wouldn’t last until election day.

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100 percent confirmed

Great news, this election might go down to the Supreme Court where every vote matters, one less fanatical Liberal might prevent Robert’s cuckery…


Get your popcorn is right!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87 of Cancer

Burn in hell you baby killing bitch!


Very interesting times ahead of us. Enjoy the ride folks. This is it.

The joke in the old OP…i was there before seeing the date before realizing it was old, I was saying to myself, “that’s really mean spirited”

It was funny then, today it’s not funny.

Very interesting times is an understatement.