Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 87

There’s zero evidence to show that there was a “body double” at the even rather than Ginsburg, such conspiracy nut theories only make you look like a conspiracy nut and hurt everyone who otherwise would agree with you.

You’ll push far more people away with that kind of rhetoric and those you do attract are an embarrassment to the overwhelming majority of Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians who will automatically be lumped in with you.

Ginsburg is in poor health, we know that and logic would dicatate that as being the reason she didn’t speak.

No need to spin fantastic and unbelievable conspiracy theories when the truth is obvious and so much more more logical.

Somewhat a student of CCD…Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception … I don’t view such “conspiracy theories” as fantastic and unbelievable. The whole idea of good CCD is to NOT produce evidence that it’s being used. So lacking evidence is not grounds for ignoring the possibility. You likely know of famous wartime use of CCD. Progressive Libs see themselves at war with the right. “All warfare is based on deception”. Why wouldn’t they use deception to prevent Trump from nominating another Justice?

You can keep someone like Ginsburg “alive” for an indefinite period of time. And if Dems have their operatives controlling access to her, then no one will know when she stopped actually reading and understanding. There will be no danger of rulings being declared invalid in the future.

The libs intended that their deep state political weaponizing of the government against Trump would never be known. But since it has become known, we can see how extensive it was. Hiding Ginsburg’s incapacitation would certainly be as feasible. And there is a motive. We should verify that Ginsburg is still a functioning human.

This is the same logic that has made the mainstream republicans virtually impotent against determined progressive liberals.How’s that working out? American voters just increased the number of self admitted socialists in our congress. We need to stop being naive.

I’m not buying into anything without evidence to support it, I’m just not made that way.

I got caught up in a lot of the conspiracy nut stuff during “The Clinton Years” and won’t embarrass myself by making the same mistake again.

The number of people it would take to to pull something like this off without any of it leaking makes it so implausible and far beyond the bounds of reality I’m not even willing to entertain it without seeing some proof.


It’s no wonder that G. Gordon Liddy called them “The Washington Bleep.”



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Just wanted to give everyone an update. Looks like the old bag of bones was seen in public looking fresh af.

The thread title should never have been allowed to stay in the US News forum.

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Yeah, I agree! There should be a satire thread, then again it could be argued that there is already a comedy thread!

I moved this thread to the Lounge right after it was made, but some stupid nuke moved it back.

There’s no proof that the photo is recent.
It could be years old.

Body double?

It getting closer!

When she does die,we could have Jeff Dunham do her voice on the court and move her arms until a justice is appointed.

Prediction: They’ll fake Ginsburg being alive until Trump can’t put another justice on the court because it’s “too close to his reelection” just like they did with the unbelievably shitty justice Gorsuch but in reverse. Because we have to follow “””the rules””” even though no one EVER does unless it benefits the system.

This whole system is fake and gay.

No Supreme Court win for us even though it’s a slam dunk.

That’s a quote.

Hold me to it.

Keep her on life support until the elections are concluded. If trump is voted out of office, then they can yank the life support and appoint a liberal judge for balance.

Is she finally done or what?!?

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Unlikely. They are saying she is going to participate in tomorrow’s Supreme Court arguments over the phone.

EDIT: when I started this thread I predicted that she would be phoning in her votes and not making public appearances.

If she dies expect that to be the Democrats redline and all Hell breaks loose.