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About the US News & Politics category 1 October 27, 2018
This is Why the GOP Loses: House Republicans Cut Ties With GOP Candidate Who Said Ilhan Omar Should Be Hanged 35 December 10, 2019
Ivanka and Steele 1 December 10, 2019
Trump’s IG exonerates FBI 37 December 10, 2019
Post IG Report Open Thread! 1 December 10, 2019
Does Civil War II start in Virginia? 36 December 10, 2019
VIRGINIA: County Enlists Citizen Militia to Resist Red Flag Laws, Protect Gun Rights 22 December 10, 2019
Pentagon won’t call Pensacola Navy base shooting “terror,” but Rep. Matt Gaetz does 27 December 10, 2019
T.I. Says He Takes Teen Daughter to Doctor to Make Sure She's a Virgin 3 December 9, 2019
Nancy Pelosi is between a Rock and a Hard Place 1 December 9, 2019
9 Reasons for Conservatives to LOVE Barack Hussein Obama 11 December 9, 2019
Ann Coulter: Are Facts White Nationalist? 18 December 9, 2019
House Passes Bill Creating Backdoor Route for Wealthy Chinese to Move to US 19 December 9, 2019
Biden Has a Public Meltdown Calls Iowa Man Liar and Fat 19 December 9, 2019
Report: Six Saudi Nationals Arrested Following Attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station 26 December 9, 2019
UPS Truck Gets Hijacked After Failed Armed Robbery; 4 Dead in Insane Televised Shootout 30 December 8, 2019
Nancy Pelosi Tells House to Draft Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump 44 December 8, 2019
Connecticut lawmakers campaign in Washington to disarm law-abiding citizens 57 December 8, 2019
Who can translate Biden into English? 8 December 8, 2019
The National Anthem 3 December 8, 2019
Supreme Court to Decide if Homeless People Have the Right to Sleep on the Sidewalk 20 December 8, 2019
George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin’s family for $100 million 43 December 8, 2019
Classic Jesse Lee Peterson puts pastor on hot seat - “Do you love white people?” Pastor runs off stage 7 December 8, 2019
The Lakota Life 13 December 8, 2019
SPYGATE. How Obama Officials Plotted to Take Down Trump! ***UPDATE*** 636 December 8, 2019
Proof positive, collusion. Someone call Nadler. # TRUMP HAS HOUR-LONG PHONE CALL WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN 6 December 8, 2019
Trump says he will NOT declare Mexican cartels terrorists 10 December 8, 2019
Florida Man Charged for Vigorously Raping ‘Frozen’ Stuffed Plushies at Target 7 December 8, 2019
Cuckpublicans are the Actual Shitlibs 10 December 8, 2019
Science Prof Calls For Fewer Humans To "Strengthen Human Rights" 5 December 7, 2019