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About the US News & Politics category 1 October 27, 2018
Impeachment Trial - Live Stream Official Thread 198 January 27, 2020
Bernie Sanders has Iowa Locked In - Communism USA Approaching 16 January 27, 2020
Too “White” Yale to scrap their Intro to Art History Course 15 January 27, 2020
Woman transitions into a man, then into a genderless alien 11 January 26, 2020
Delta Fined for Precautionary removal of Muslim Passengers 2 January 26, 2020
Massive Militia 2nd Amendment Rally To Take Place At Virginia Capitol On January 20th 2020 809 January 26, 2020
Greta is not what she seems 4 January 26, 2020
ConocoPhillips prepares to deploy ‘The Beast’ on the North Slope 38 January 26, 2020
Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges 31 January 26, 2020
Do You Believe Social Justice Is Good? My Thoughts from a Christian Perspective 12 January 26, 2020
Supreme Court to Look at Electoral College Rules 103 January 26, 2020
US college student imprisoned in China over satirical tweets 17 January 26, 2020
Times Square billboard exposing Joe Biden is pretty brilliant 6 January 25, 2020
Doorbell video shows violent robbery of young woman outside Oakland home… 12 January 25, 2020
George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Telling ABC Studio to Cut-Off Trump Defense Attorney 15 January 25, 2020
11 soldiers injured at Al Asad military base 54 January 25, 2020
Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 01/25/2020 770 January 25, 2020
SPYGATE. How Obama Officials Plotted to Take Down Trump! ***UPDATE*** 674 January 25, 2020
Technical glitch results in hundreds of invalid voter registrations in Illinois 34 January 25, 2020
Virginia Democrats Ignore Massive 2nd Amendment Rally, Move Ahead with Controversial Red Flag Legislation 26 January 24, 2020
Alaska to have 1st U.S. state-approved pot consumption shops 7 January 24, 2020
Not a single Democrat voted to protect women’s sports from transgender cheats 78 January 24, 2020
Elitist Gov. Newsom Deploys US Taxpayer Funded FEMA Trailers To Los Angeles As Part Of $750M Homelessness Executive Order 14 January 24, 2020
Trump on Elon Musk 6 January 24, 2020
Epstein Time Bomb: Ghislaine Maxwell's Private Emails Hacked, Lawyers Confirm 8 January 24, 2020
Impeachment: fight's on! 399 January 23, 2020
Saudi assist Fugitives Fleeing the USA 3 January 23, 2020
Bulletproof Glass vs .50 Cal 6 January 23, 2020
Train crashes into semi-truck in Rockland Country, NY 1 January 23, 2020