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About the US News & Politics category 1 October 27, 2018
Trump just announced any one that Crosses the border will get fucking shot in the face 35 April 3, 2020
President Trump Fries Chuckie Schumer in a Letter 3 April 3, 2020
Trump Invokes Defense Production Act by Taking Control of 3M Production 1 April 3, 2020
China Seizes Advantage in South China Sea over The US 1 April 3, 2020
The Dangerous Case of Joe Biden 21 April 3, 2020
Time to read an online book 1 April 3, 2020
Nancy is at it again , 2.2 trillion wasn't enough . Time for her to collect! 13 April 3, 2020
Nitwit Chuckie TODD thinks Presiden Trump has BLOOD ON HIS HANDS! 25 April 2, 2020
Michigan Democrat Governor Threatens Licenses of Doctors and Pharmacists Who Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus 36 April 2, 2020
Three High School Girls suing to stop TRANS cheaters from competing *** UPDATE*** 16 April 2, 2020
Employee facing prison for defending store in Arlington, VA 13 April 1, 2020
FBI Will Save America from Covid-19 Hate Crimes LOL 8 April 1, 2020
Laura Krolczyk - New York Hospital Executive FIRED After Discussing Ways to Ensure Trump Supporters Get Covid-19 12 April 1, 2020
Trump’s Brilliance on Handling Recent Media Clowns 23 March 31, 2020
883 Pages of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Released (CARES ACT) 38 March 31, 2020
FDA Issues Emergency Authorization for the Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Combat Coronavirus Effective Immediately 9 March 31, 2020
"This Too Shall Pass" 2 March 30, 2020
Tracking actual, as opposed to reported, COVID-19 infections 10 March 30, 2020
Incompetent cuck slumlord Jared Kushner is demanding his tenants keep paying rent — while asking for leniency from his creditors 9 March 30, 2020
President Trump Considering Federal Quarantine of NY, NJ, and CT 38 March 29, 2020
De Blasio: If Trump does not act on coronavirus outbreak, 'people will die' 20 March 29, 2020
11 billion for international fund! Wtf! African development!? 36 March 29, 2020
Bombing Suspect Dies in Shootout with FBI 24 March 29, 2020
Democrats are trying to slip the green new deal in the funding! 44 March 29, 2020
Fox Business Fires Trish Regan 18 March 28, 2020
Brazen Coyotes Kill Dog Walking With Owner 8 March 28, 2020
I want one of these 9 March 27, 2020
U.S. Marine Corps to Disband all of its Tank Battalions? 8 March 27, 2020
Biden debate melt down 37 March 26, 2020