Who is "Gog and Magog"?

Do you not understand the concept of a discussion board?

WE aren’t.

Likely to make it seem as if they are not the ones doing it.
Perhaps they do not realize that admin gets a record of who flags.

…and flags cannot be retracted by the flagger…like :hearts: can.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I suppose one can flag one’s own post.

This just came through in response to my protest of the flag:

Here come da judge! Here come da judge! :innocent:

Here is another post flagged by Didge:

Seems he is incapable of accepting even criticism of others let alone himself.

Go ahead Didge, flag this one too.

The threshold for hiding posts is much lower now as a result of the Perspective API. If the API detects language that is likely to be “toxic” then it applies an internal weight to it, depending upon the level of toxicity. If the level of toxicity is high then it generally only takes one flag to hide the post. If the toxicity level is low to non-existent it could take anywhere between two and three flags to hide the post. It all really depends upon how toxic the post is scored. We don’t control that.

As I have said multiple times, unless content is unlawful I am not going to prohibit it from being posted. To me, how people feel about content is irrelevant. All of you have multiple resources to ignore users or entire categories of this forum. If you use these resources you will not see posts from users with whom you vehemently disagree. You will not see content in categories that you do not agree with. Some people need their feelings protected and that’s why we have these tools. If you get triggered by content and words, please use them. They don’t cost you anything. They provide a good balance between hiding content based upon personal preference and sitewide censorship. I am not going to censor anyone who is not breaking our rules. If the content is not illegal, it stays. If you decide to hide the content that you see, or decide to ignore users using our internal controls, that’s fine.

If you choose to engage in a debate with another member of this community who is not violating the rules then please do so respectfully.

I do acknowledge that not every thread needs to turn into a conversation about Zionism, Israel, or ■■■■■ If that continues there will be penalties for thread derailment.

Do not derail threads.

Likewise, if you are engaging in a topic of discussion that you just don’t like that’s not a reason for you to derail a thread either. It’s a two way street.

If this flag war continues everyone who is engaging in it will be banned.

Flagging appropriately is fine. Needless flagging is not. Flagging to make a point or to aggravate others is not.


Admittedly I’ve accidentally done that before and wish there was an “unflag” or “retract” button as well as times when I misread one, flagged it, then read it again and wished I could pull it back.

Is there a way you can put a feature in there that shows who flagged the post and for what reason?

That feature exists but it’s only for those with moderator authority or higher.

I would need to think about turning something like that on. In a case like this, a little bit of public accountability might not be a bad thing; however, in cases where there is really inappropriate stuff going on it might stop someone from flagging a post. Many of our illustrious female members have dealt with some unfortunate comments over direct message. If flags were visible that would make things difficult for them. I could probably list off about a dozen more examples as to why this would be a bad idea…but in this particular context your point is well taken.


Perhaps there’s a way to include the flagger’s username in the PM sent to the flagged member. That way it wouldn’t be public knowledge.

But then, it wouldn’t preclude the flagged member from making it public knowledge.

Never mind! :grin:

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I never said I don’t flag.
If I do, it’s the foul and offensive language.
I’m all for debate, fair and square.

BTW, “off topic” is not such a big deal, because many like discussions that keep growing and expanding.

That is why I don’t flag my friends in Israel - the more they post, the more they expose the vacuity of their arguments to the silent majority.

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Nobody here is posting from Israel which the moderators can verify so quit lying and making accusations you can’t support.

Then why did you flag my posts? There was no foul or offensive language in either of them.

Besides, that would not be a Forum violation if I had used such language.

He gets offended when we show what he’s posting to be pure BS and starts blindly flagging.

Today he was flagging posts that were a month old.

Which post are you referring to?
I tend to suspect you’re more interested in personal putdowns.

LOL And to think I thought it was because was related to Bill Cooper. :wink:

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Maybe not physically but thats where they get their orders and pay

Bullshit, another lie by you.

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