Who is "Gog and Magog"?

From the Land of Magog Came the Khazars to Destroy and Plunder

Prophet Ezekiel discusses demonic “Gog and Magog” at the End-Time. Many speculate that it is Russia, because it strikes God’s people from the north.

Not so, according to Patrick.

It’s the Khazar (Ashkenazi) Zionists who came down from the north to plunder and murder the peaceful villages of Palestine. Thus Ezekiel’s prophecy is half fulfilled.

Why Khazars are Gog and Magog?
This is my theory. (Don’t comment if you can’t say anything without name-calling)
Khazar was part of Gokturk Empires that converted to Judaism around 9th century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Göktürks
They were Asians, not Semites. And they originated in Mongolia.
You get that?
Gokturks from the land of Mongolia.
(Gog from the land of Magog)

Well then, who’s God’s people?
Palestinians who descended from old Israel who are suffering greatly by the evil Gog from the land of Magog, the fake ■■■■

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They play the dirigidoo.
And the average IQ of those people is 85.


It takes high IQ to comprehend the concept of “Dreamtime”

This is all a lie. Magog used to be known as Boudica, in the ancient land of Lynrd and Skynrd


Go tell that to Ezekiel.
He associates Gog and Magog with (Gok)turks.

Whatever the case, Ezekiel thinks God’s people are peaceful Palestinians, and Zionists are murderous invaders. If you disagree with him, too bad

Palestine was never peaceful, it has existed in a near constant state of tribal and ethnic conflict for more than 4,000 years.

The closest the region ever came to “peace” was under the rule of absolutely ruthless dictators and kings who slaughtered anyone who opposed them.

Ezekiel was a ■■■ you moron. He is recognized by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as a Hebrew Prophet.

No. Ezekiel was not a ■■■ as we know them today.
■■■■ degraded into demon worship, as in the Talmud.
Never think today’s “Judaism” is the same.

Why do ■■■■ sway back and forth when they “daven”?
They are simulating sex with goddess (Malkhut)
That’s how rotten today’s Judaism is.
Not so, in the old days.


Palestine was peaceful for centuries under the Turks.
Turks had no quarrel with Palestinians or Armenians for that matter.
Only after crypto-■■■ Kemal Pasha took over the empire with other “Young Turks” who were crypto-■■■■■ the massacre of Armenians began.

Why are Khazar (Ashkenazi) ■■■■ or fake ■■■■ so keen on exterminating Palestinians?
Because the phonies always want to exterminate the real MacCoys. It’s human nature.


Of course there’s not a word of truth in any of this but by all means, keep preaching hate.

Ezekiel was a Hebrew, that’s not even arguable.

Yet another lie. There has never been peace in the ME Period outside of brutal dictators crushing all opposition by force.

The Caliphate most certainly qualifies.

Claiming Attaturk was a “crypto ■■■■ is laughable idiocy born of rabid antisemitism with zero basis in fact.

Exactly. Ezekiel was Hebrew and somehow he time-traveled and saw the future. Some believed he was taken aboard a UFO (a time machine) of good aliens.

Modern Khazar / Ashekenazi ■■■■ did NOT descend from Hebrews.

Laugh all you want.
I don’t care what a paid agent screams about.

There are serious researchers who say so.

“Serious Researchers” my ass, they are nothing but Nazis hell bent on defaming a whole people.

There isn’t an ounce of evidence that’s ever been produced to suggest Ezekiel was anything other than a Hebrew.

Well we know this is a lie since the lineage has been proven through DNA.

Seriously, take a deep breath and back away from the antisemitic bullshit.

Ha, dna study
There was a woman who studied dna and claimed all humans descended from one african ape

If there was the study was laughed off by anyone with a pulse.

There is no better scientific discipline for proving lineage than DNA and it is thoroughly proven and accepted by every court and legit scientist on the planet

We ain’t laughing at Khazars pretending to be ■■■■■■

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No you live in fear of the non existing imaginary non ■■■■ and wallow in lies.

It looks as though you exist, don’t you?
Unless I’m talking to an AI

Here is a book all Christians should be reading especially Lutherans

Stop wasting time on paid liars