The Religion of Peace is Attacked in New Zealand


Let me give you a clue.(Google is a powerful tool, you should try it sometime)
And I do not think ‘‘everyone’’ is a Hasbara Troll, but if you want a fairly definitive list of my ‘‘Hasbara guys’’ you only need to look at your own profile. Everyone who I define as a Hasbara troll is on your list of either most liked or most replied to, or both. ROFLMFAO
Why is that, I wonder?


What happened to your thread Magog? Not getting as many visitors lately?


Yeah he isn’t getting the attention on his threads so he comes here posting the same BS! Different day same nonsense!


I guess it’s now officially a thing that “spontaneously” some twat will start singing Oasis or John Lennon after a terrorist attack. It’s like these morons don’t even read the lyrics, unless they’re literally demanding the end of religions and private property, or in the case of Cohen’s Hallelujah an entirely secular song featuring some mild S & M is of course what everyone should think of when mourning 50 dead Muslims.

Fucking clowns.


Look at the view count - I’m happy thanks but decided to spread the truth across multiple threads so you better get used to having me around.


Thanks for your promotion of my thread btw

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what is everyone afraid of when it comes to written words? Is someone (or lots of someones) afraid that perhaps there’s some truth embedded in what will be viewed as an expression of insanity?

Muslims bombed a Philippine Catholic Church in January, murdering 20 people and injuring 100. Where was the wall-to-wall press coverage? Religious terrorism aimed at Christians isn’t less heinous than that aimed at Muslims…


Excellent point. Another interesting oddity is, the stands are filled with white folks at NBA games. If not for the white folk dishing out their money these black B-Ball Players would not make the $millions they so enjoy.


Just pointing out the obvious truth! Also you make many broad assumptions about me and your ignorance shows! My nation of my people is still intact, just goes to show what you know!

Right, you took time from beating your wife and read the killers manifesto and pumped your fist in the air and bought the entire line! Right gotcha! You might get out of that game your playing and face reality!

Yeah sure you are! What is taking action mean? By being an arm chair Quarterback on the internet sitting behind a computer? Planning another mass shooting are ya? Make sure to kill your self in the process the world could certainly do a lot better with a lot less of you!

Yeah calling me a red man, I am sure you wouldn’t say it to my face, but your keyboard alter ego probably gives you a good false sense of self that makes you feel good inside your dark hole! Good on ya!

The difference between you and me is that I choose not to operate from a frequency of fear. I wonder when your last breath is drawn if you choose to leave in anger and be surrounded by the same. Not me I choose to be laughing and surrounded by people who love. Something I am sure you don’t understand!


Sure seems that way to me, and no explanation is needed. Actually I am not really sure why you are responding to me.

Don’t make me lose respect for you than I already am starting to with such a shallow retort. If you can’t respect what I am trying to say, then I really don’t have nothing more to say to you.

Yeah obviously we disagree, and my point is that is exactly what they want you to focus on. That is the strategy and you have been duped into believing conspiracy theories. Not surprising coming from a flat Earther believer. Oh well, I thought better of you at one time.

Yeah lest shut it down before anything is even tried.


You really long on opinions and much shorter in offering solutions. Let me not stop you though, continue on with your buddies here and have at it, I regret creating this thread and surely won’t make that mistake again!


Its not truth its propaganda! I guess you decided to escalate this with me, so I will address this another way!


Post physique, f*ggot.


Oh that is so grown up of you whitey!


Oh dear not another flag - Jeez you really do not like the truth do you.


Why does you saying that not surprise me

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Much like your posts Hasbera? Nothing surprise me about you! Got anymore original comebacks?


As you have correctly noted - ALL of my posts are original AND TRUTHFUL.

One day you may be able to say the same but I will not hold my breath


If I wanted original come back I’d have shaved your mom’s teeth this morning.


Yeah, most of your posts are conspiracy theories masqueraded as truth. Not surprising coming from a pathetic shallow person like yourself who doens’t offer much in the way of diverse topics to talk about. You simply can’t help yourself its all you know how to do!


Wow! So now your breaking out insulting my mother! Yep, must have touched a nerve! And how old ya again?