This will not end well


Trump knows and hes one of the good guys


Can you give a TL;DR for this?


Alarmists never seem to set a date for their dire predictions to come about. This is just more bullshit from people vying for the position of “I said it first.”

The best action to prepare for the future, no matter what it may bring, is to store long-shelf-life food, water, ammunition and guns to fire it at people who will try to steal what you stored.


What will not end well? What is this thread about?


it was about meanderings of the completely bored apparently.

I’ve done that. Didn’t work so hard at it but …yeah.


Normally we get the Santa Claus rally in December.
This year the markets dropped nearly 20%
There is a reason for that and it ain’t good


This thread!..:rofl:


I predict this thread will end with a whimper, not a bang. :wink:


It’s called “the federal reserve raising rates”.


Nah theres more to it than that - they raised rates last 2 yrs too.
21 tr debt means they can’t raise rates much more.
IMHO we are heading for a Lehmans2 event in 2019


They’ve been raising rates with the intent of slowing the economy. As rates rise investors buy more bonds so lots of institutional money moves out of the stock market.

This is pretty basic stuff.


Everybody knows that this will not end well for pension funds. Glug Glug


Sure is - just buy low, sell high


And with 21tr debt this will hurt

Interest payments about to skyrocket



Institutional investors reallocate funds whenever the market changes.

Anytime bonds rates go up, money moves out of the stock market.

This is nothing new. Nobody is losing money unless they buy high and sell at a loss.

Day traders take huge losses just like panicked sellers smart, long term investors pick solid stocks and funds and ride out the lows or even buy more when everyone else is panicking.


Yep everything is wonderful


The system is gonna come down


Hate, fear, and lies. Man what a life.