Teenage Girl Explains How Muslim Refugees Have Made Germany Worse!

Always seems to be a current crisis. I guess life ain’t fair. Armenian genocide was a current crisis. The Nazis greasing ■■■■■ Gypsies, and opposing Christians was a current crisis. Mao wiping out millions of Chinese was a current crisis. Stalin killing whoever got in his way was a current crisis. Feel free to add. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, just for the record: MY COUNTRY, RIGHT OR WRONG.

Well yes of course, and sense you and I are Americans, work and live here, pay taxes here, are the ones with skin in the game when our country goes to war, it seems prudent that our primary interest should be what America is doing to either improve or damage TODAY’S Middle East and North Africa.

Thus far, Democratic or Republican administrations have harmed the interests of the citizens in those regions and done so at the expense of American tax payers. I for one am sick and tired of it. If Trump is doing anything right in that regard it’s pointing out the FACT that the USA has been involved in endless and gratuitous war, that has not benefitted the American tax payers or general US interests at all. Has wasted 7 trillion dollars, caused a global homeless crisis and he’s determined to end them and extradite the US from it. And in that, he’s got my complete support.

It’s the same old story - the west interfering in things it doesn’t understand. This is the middle east ffs, and they think differently to us. And as if to prove the point, Trump has now betrayed the Kurds who have . . . wait for it - who have been helping Assad and the Russkies to kill those who have declared war on us. I mean seriously - what the fuck??

Get your buttplugs out of your ears. Trump did not betray the Kurds! WTF? Stop spreading bullshit!

And so far as the Middle East is concerned, it’s always WRONG!

Brush up on your reading Poncho! You got your wires crossed! There is a thread with more in depth analysis on the current situation in Syria

Is that for me? If it is then fucking well quote me! And please don’t keep giving me C&P propaganda from the Pentagon or WH!! If you want to discuss with me, then fucking discuss?

And don’t call me Shirley - I mean ‘Poncho’!

WTF is your problem Numbnuts? Someone peed in your wheaties today! Stop fking spreading bullshit, and get a fking clue and inform yourself!

Didn’t he? Well all the main news broadcasts yesterday, and the Twitter headlines this morning, say he did. Christ you don’t half post some crap!

Out of curiosity, are you an adult?

Are you fking serious? You of all people, who says they don’t buy the news propaganda and here you are saying otherwise. Holy crap! Are you suffering from some sort of mental breakdown or something?

The suffering of the innocent, human misery, is ALWAYS WRONG. Thing is, disruption of the human condition has gone on since day one. The final step in diplomacy - - - WAR.

I don’t understand that?

All of it or part of it? We have been killing each other since our ancestors left trees and began walking n two legs. Possibly before they left the trees.

All of it, actually.

Sorry, but I still don’t know what you’re getting at.

We have been killing each other since our ancestors left the trees, and began walking on two legs; possibly even before they left the trees. Now, diplomacy. If it worked & we could reason like thinking creatures should, there would be no wars.

I have concluded that all human misery is directly related ( in some way, shape, or form ) to GREED. Power, control, wealth, property, etc.

Yep, greed is one - then there’s stupidity, machismoism, power struggle, land grabbing - the list is almost endless.

Being involved in mechanics my whole life, I would also include bad engineering. I ask ya, have any auto manufactures ever included a knowledgeable mechanic on their design teams? I think not. Seems to be, how much unnecessary shit can we jamb under the hood? Who cares, since it will be the consumers problem. A once, $25. oil change & tune up has evolved into a $300. or $400. job. Now, I ask ya? Sorry, I got off track. This is about Germany allowing sub humans into the country.