How Not To Create Threads And Respond To Mods

Who is the real enemy of America?
Remember USS Liberty?

There’s nothing but speculation, supposition and innuendo in that article that even suggest’s Epstein was running any sort of intel operation much less any Mossad connections.

Did you even read it?

@Didgevillage - I am going to start deleting absolutley shit-tier threads. Just so you are aware.

If you want to lay out the connections between Epstein, Israel, and Mossad.

Go for it.

Don’t just drop a link and then craft some weak cryptic message and then throw in the USS Liberty. We protect free speech here, but we reserve the right to delete absolute shit threads.

I will leave this up long enough for the system to send an email to you with my reply. Then I am culling this.


Read the article. Don’t blame me.

My job here isn’t to read the article. It’s to ensure that OPs create a decent thread.

Here is a good example:

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You need to provide a TL;DR when creating an OP or you need to provide direct quotes from the article and create a summary.

Lazy threads are boring threads and they lard up the site.

Never mind the fact that the cited article is devoid of any actual fact in support of his assertion.

That’s not my concern. It’s posted in the conspiracy (theory) section of the forum. The quality of the post is my concern.

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Tyler Durden (of Zero Hedge) is a decent researcher.
My claim is backed by him.

My concern is truth, not propaganda.

Are you actually having trouble understanding what I’m saying to you? Or are just trying to give me a hard time?

I’m responding to this.

Oh, by the way, I myself can easily have said there’s Mossad behind, but my opponents will argue where’s evidence? That’s why I cited the article.

I don’t give a shit about the content of your posts.

I do give a shit if your post is lazy.

Here is what you need to do (you only need to pick one):

  • Summarize the article in your own words
  • Provide a direct “quoted” summary from the article
  • Explain why in your own words people should care about the issue you are posting about and what type of feedback you are looking for about the issue

It’s simple. Just dropping a link and a poorly worded sentence isn’t going to cut it for an OP.

I appreciate your concern.
I don’t name names but there is constant name-calling going on with phrases like “You are insane,” “You are lying” etc. Such rubbish certainly brings the quality of the site down.

We already know who the problem children are. I publicly banned someone just the other day. Now that we have suspended the flagging system due to rampant abuse, we are going to give people the moderation that they have been begging us for. Our hands have been forced. We are going to start silencing people and we are going to start banning people. If you don’t want to be in that group of people then I suggest you follow the guidelines that I laid out for you regarding post quality.

Like I have already said a bunch of times I don’t give a shit about the content of your posts. I just want your posts to be of high quality, which they are not.

I’m not going to discuss this any further. Either get in line or don’t. That’s your choice.

There’s no evidence in the article supporting your claim in the OP.

Your insane conspiracy nut BS, Lies, and Anti Semitism bring the quality of this site down to the level of a rhetorical cesspool.

And your personal attacks on everybody you disagree with do the same so why don’t you do me a favor and cut the shit.


LIke I said before if speaking the truth here is banned the entire premise of this site is a lie.

Free speech, right?

I’ve violated no rule of this site since I joined, I speak the truth and that’s it, if you have a problem with it, it’s a personal problem worth of some self examination.

You’re speaking your opinion and someone else is speaking theirs. No one made you the arbiter of all facts on the internet, so give it up.


I will be the judge of what rules you have violated and believe me you have violated many here.