Here's why Western Civilization is Getting Depopulated-Great Reset, nanobots, prions, housing destruction to save the environment

This is probably the most important thread you will ever read.

There is a reason for the current USA climate of polarization, censorship of news and social media channels.

Current world threats:

  • Climate change-sea levels predicted to ride 9 feet in 9 years due to antarctic glacier melting
  • Robot artificial intelligence predicted to displace 55% of jobs.
  • 30% food shortages worldwide, many foods becoming poisonous due to cyanide
  • Ocean acidification has killed 30% of the fish, shellfish and coral reefs

The world billionaires have decided to do a 50% worldwide depopulation with around 70% in the Western-controlled countries to eliminate the threats.

It involves:

  • Cause devastating inflation eventually to collapse the stockmarket.
  • Polarize political groups to fight one another.
  • Massively increase crime rates (defund the police).
  • Encourage blacks to blame poverty problems on systemic racism against blacks.
  • Use censorship and misinformation to get the populations to take the covid vaccine which in targeted individuals will cause rapid, deadly prion disease.
  • Use vibrations to shake wooden housing to collapse to maintain rental prices and settle people into specific, high-density areas.
  • Target knowledgeable resisters with microwave beams, advanced nanobots, NSA hacking attacks on cell phones and PCs.
  • Cause widespread calamities (fires, power outages, computer disruption

Here’s the Great Reset Depopulation in detail (click link below).
This is the most important thread you will ever read.
Distribute this as widely as possible.

Hey we already covered this topic! You might want to try doing some reading here before trying to create a topic that has already been created!

Click the link. Has new information!

Don’t need to I already know! Way ahead of you. If your side wasn’t so busy trying push stupid progressive policies by shouting your dissenters down you might learn we were way ahead of you on this topic years before! Here are just a few links that were created exploring this very topic in greater detail. In other words you are late to the party!

The Healthrising thread is better. It has defense tips.

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No thank you, its not like you are going to enlighten us with anything new here. Like I said don’t create threads of topics that have already been created only because you want to hear yourself talk.

No its not!

Wash. rinse and repeat the same hegemony of another propaganda source!

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Spoken like someone who didn’t read the thread.

There sure are a lot of unexplained roof collapses lately by the way.

roof collapse at DuckDuckGo

Roof collapses at Hoboken production studio -

Structural engineers find cause of Brevard College dorm roof collapse; residents moved out - ABC17NEWS

Why Did the Candle Factory Roof in Kentucky Collapse? (

And people have noticed weird shaking in Canton, GA and here in Durham, NC. See:
Suspicious ground vibrations have been reported in Canton, GA and Durham, NC. Is anyone else noticing? | Health Rising’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia Forums

Ground vibrations + magnetized nanobots = building collapse

It’s not difficult.

Yeah you are right I didn’t read the thread as I explicitly stated I didn’t need to. What part of that do you not understand? Do you have a reading comprehension problem or are you just being purposely obtuse? Yet you haven’t read any of the threads I provided which pretty much covered all the topics you so desperately wanted to be heard on, so I guess that makes you not better in practicing what you preach!

BTW roof collapses (eyes rolling) is deliberately derailing your own thread which is now becoming a real shit show! Nice job!

So you resort to a Tu Quo Que fallacy and yes I did read your threads.

If you read the threads then why did you feel the need to create this one? Apparently you like lying too! I am done here. You are free to go back to your echo chamber because I don’t need to waste my time with the likes of you who is obviously looking for attention on a subject matter you know nothing about!!

Sorry Manhattan is a troll… many restaurants have shut down in Boston due to roof collapse on the past few months . Thank you for your posts

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Thank you Jits, I did notice that. He could be NWO-controlled opposition also. They are all over the place.

I think government engineers are covering up the real causes. I filed a complaint with the Durham County Department of Engineering and it was never responded to (with three follow-up emails) which is attached.
JGibson F Up Email Complaint.pdf (36.0 MB)

Here is a typical building shake reading.

Building Shake from Linear Accelerometer

Picture axes: red is N to S, blue is E to West (red and blue from ground vibration emitters), Green is up and down (from nanobots)

The nanobot body vibrations are easy to detect on big muscles using the linear accelerometer zoomed from the Physics Accelerator Toolbox app (android). Take a reading, pause and zoom in.

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I think he said he was a fed worker ( welfare fat slob)

Thank you for calling these guys our. Someone has to. The media is a joke

Then he’s definitely NWO-controlled opposition. They are controlling both parties and the local governments. Very few politicians are not working for them.

Leftist bullshit - you can’t control mother nature like you control the poor .
30% food shortages - We pay half the members of Congress NOT to grow /
As Congress takes up separate versions of the mammoth farm bill, there are growing calls to reform the taxpayer-funded subsidies that benefit some lawmakers and wealthy farmers.

According to data compiled by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 11 House members (or their spouses) and four senators (or their spouses) received $237,921 in taxpayer-funded farm subsidy payments in 2012. More leftist bullshit .

  • Massively increase crime rates (defund the police). Thank Biden and his cartel .
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Fk off Jizzer! You are just mad because your sorry ass can’t pay up on a bet you lost! Deal with it loser!

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Climate change isn’t BS, however, we passed the tipping point so the main thing carbon reduction does is help fight increasing ocean acidity which is killing the fish and animals in the ocean.

The 30% is world food production not US. The NWO has been sabotaging grain and meat production so we have massive shortages coming up. See Ice Age Farmer’s channels.

ice.age.farmer (

When you get China and India to stop polluting our oceans then babble on .

88 to 95% of plastic pollution in the oceans came from just 10 rivers . Eight of them were in Asia, and the other two were in Africa.


No Climate change is not BS, its been happening for thousands of years. There is no proof that carbon reduction will do anything to help fight or stop pollution in the oceans which are two separate issues but nice conflation on your part!

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