The Great Reset!

So what is the great “Reset?” A lot of talk about this "Reset has been recently making its rounds on various sites and social media forums, and the common theme is the world turning to a communistic structure when China leads the way. With the US elections still undecided, the world awaits with baited breath if Trump will emerge victorious in order to reveal treasonous doings in order to save it from going deeper in this darkness of tyranny. With crypto currency now emerging and CCP-Virus acting as the control mechanism, “The Great Reset” essentially is the NWO but with more plausible implementation as a gradual process to get commoners to comply while their rights are systematically being taken away and not suspecting anything out of the normal. Here are some views in regards to the “Great Reset” and “we the people” should be asking the obvious question what is next? Are we truly entering a dystopian landscape that Orwell has forever warned us about?

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Its all here in plain sight! They are not hiding it anymore!

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Waiting for some time for English translations of Bull Hansen Viking Novels. Be funny if the helicopters landed and took him away.

Here is the latest trailer for The Great Reset effect…I mean the Polish video game coming out in a few weeks after 12 years of development.

Looks like a fake reality is the future, per Agenda 2030

Here is more from Bjorn. Great stuff!

Link to the material reference:

World Economic Forum:

The BBC have officially debunked the Great Reset. It’s confirmed as a conspiracy theory so please stop spreading misinformation during this global health emergency. There is no “Great Reset” and anyone who says different is just a QAnon anti-vaxxer Alex Jones conspiracy nut.

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lol - because this looks totally legit.

More proof that you are an ignoramus! There is an entire website with a complete written policy that has been published on this subject matter from the world forum. I suggest you go there and educate yourself! It’s an established fact! Your stupidity has no shame!

Secondly your shelf life on this site is going to be shortly lived, you are not in charge nor the arbiter of what is truth, so stop with your stupid constant bullshit posting of fake news sources! Go troll elsewhere dipshit!

A people divided are easy to destroy. We have let ourselves become alienated from our neighbors and manipulated by those in power. We need to stop thinking of each other as Right Wing Nut Jobs and Bleeding Heart Liberals .

The media, government and corporate entities are masters at hitting the right buttons of each group. They easily distract us with shell games of threats–be it attacks on our nation, fears of medical plagues, or suspicion that `the other guy’ is trying to destroy our way of life.


That is a very good point you make and you are right on all accounts. Identity politics was a purposeful endeavour of the Post modernist cultural theorists to divide and conquer and so far they have succeeded.

Yet you completely ignore the fact that the right wing nut jobs are the ones that make everything about race based on their xenophobic hatred and antiquated concepts of nationalism.

Stop trying to derail this thread!

@Patriot @Tyfoon

This is why we need to get rid of all the legacy politicians. Incumbency is not serving us well. It’s serving a few at our expense.

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Excellent read if anyone is interested!

Easy now, these fellas don’t take kindly to opposing views. You’ll be told to take your opinions elsewhere. Don’t upset the fragile egos of this echo chamber…:rofl:

Good thing that Americans repudiated the incumbent then on November 3rd…:thinking:

Can you please address this troll! Posting unrelated content in this thread is an attempt to derailing!

@Patriot @Tyfoon

Watch, you’ll have one or two agree that this is a good idea and then go right back to demonizing half of America…

Does this mean you will advocate for the good of the country including investigating fraud or just setting up for more of the same?

Let everyone hear what you really stand for.

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