Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Quoting a black conservative isn’t all that special if they make sense. Why wouldn’t you want someone to be inspired by Ben Carson? Maybe that is a good point to make to black liberals who’d rather call him Uncle Tom.


Again, I don’t mind black conservatives being used as a guide post for black young men and women who may want to join that movement (id argue there are better examples of black cons than Candace).

I’m just pointing out that black cons are used by white cons to make a point to black liberals or black undecided people.


Laws are in place, remedies are in place for racial oppression. So, yeah. Time for wallowing and blaming the white guy are over. Reparations for slavery isn’t going to buy you a rose garden. Time to take stock, buck up and take control of what has been offered and make something in life with it.


And black libs are used by white libs to make a point to black libs or black undecided.

And white libs are used by black libs to make a point to white libs or white undecided.

And it is you the lib, wallowing in the past to excuse the present. You are the enabler, the problem that keeps minorities suppressed.


No they aren’t. You don’t need to use them as a prop. 90% of black people already decided to be democrats.


Trump isnt a con, he is a republican , not all republicans are conservatives, just like not all conservatives are republicans

He is a politician who likes to quote stats like every other politician from whatever party they represent


Why do you feel talking about this is blaming the white guy? I haven’t blamed you for one single thing here. I don’t take it as blame when my wife talks to me about it. Unless you are contributing to oppression by defending it or flat out implementing laws and policy… then you are not to be be blamed.

Once laws are in place, black people aren’t allowed to say whether they are working or not? It’s just shut up and color at least you have something? I suspect you would say no. If that is your answer then how else do we continue to improve if we don’t talk about how the catalyst affect black people today.

50 years ago… I couldn’t marry my wife. We couldn’t share a water fountain. Some of you here were alive when this was going on. You should know first hand the detrimental affects it had. To think 50 years is enough time for us to stop learning from it is staggering.


Something I cannot relate to. Just quit with the victimhood stuff, stand on your own two feet and then you will have my consideration.


yeppers, Maxine Waters fights for the oppressed black person as she lives in her 6 million dollar mansion, Tariq Nasheed makes films about racism yet he lives in the gated community where his neighbours are white.

Ice cube tried living in his old neighbour when he became famous but moved after a year becuase they kept robbing his house , he know lives in a gated community

Funny Jay Z and Beyonce and all the rich rappers all live in gated communities with security

why dont they live in the inner cities?

we all know the answer to that.


What is the threshold for victimhood? What constitutes victimhood? Victimhood is about the individual feeling. Racism is systemic. It covers a whole racial group.


Prove that Maxine waters seeks to oppress black people? Show me one policy or speech we’re she advocates for oppression?

I thought you were pretty reasonable but this is fucking idiotic.

Why would ANYONE, regardless of race, live in a neighborhood not in line with they’re wealth or social status. It’s not racial, it’s economic.


You conveniently didn’t answer the question. Are veterans inferior because they get preferences that are not based on individual merit? Serving in the military doesn’t automatically make one better qualified for a non-military job.


Try reading my post

I didnt say she seeks to oppress black people, I said she Fights for the OPPRESSED black person

see the difference?

You missed the point, my point is they made it out of the ghettos but instead of using their influence to improve the ghettos they chose to ignore it

Those liberal blacks who complain about whites keeping them down and such but wont explain why they werent kept down and as soon as they made it they were gone.

At least Ice Cube tried.


I don’t care about what you may or may not feel.

Feelings are a luxury. Join group therapy. In the meantime be a mother or a father. Put food on the table and take care of what you chose to create.


Prove that prominent black people who don’t live in their community, also don’t seek to help it. Are you aware of all the work Jay z has done? Ice Cube? Lebron James? There are plenty of prominent black people helping their communities.

Those liberal blacks aren’t complaining about THEMSELVES. They are saying that there are still thing holding the majority of black people back. They are recognizing that they are an anomaly. They are practicing empathy.


And it cheats the minority individual of a particular class who excels because when one sees that the larger number of that class is mediocre, the natural correlation will appear to indicate that the class itself is mediocre… when in fact it is the reduced standard of Affirmative Action - as it is applied in practice - that is to blame for the mediocre performance… not a universal characteristic of all persons within that class.

When I first heard of Affirmative Action, I thought …

"GREAT, so companies and institutions will take ACTION to go to greater lengths to find the minority person who excels, who meets the hard standards that are required for excellent performance at the position in question. "

Then I discovered that in practice, they just created quotas - even if unwritten - and gave “points” just for being a minority. And if an institution looked for minorities that met the standard but failed to find enough of them, they came under scrutiny of civil rights lawyers.


Most people are mediocre, including the white ones. What’s your point?


You didn’t have enough decency to apologize for your mistake or misinterpreting my post

As in prove that prominent black people don’t live in the community , every publication from Fortune, Forbes, Entertainment tonight all talk and show pictures of their mansions, I don’t recall seeing oceanfront mansion or estates in Harlem or any inner cities.

as they are living in their gated communities , how touching.
I dont blame them as I wont live in those ghettos either.

Those that recognize they are anomalies as you say just shows how bigoted you are.
The truth is there are plenty of successful blacks, the difference is most of them are not in the spotlight because their stories are boring to MSM.

ever heard of Janice Bryant Howroyd? probably not, she only started a company back in the late 70’s she is the founder and CEO of The ACT-1 Group, the first black woman that started and built a billion dollar company.

Do blacks celebrate her? heck I bet most haven’t even heard about her

But they want to celebrate gangsta hip hop losers like Jay Z an ex drug dealer or the other gangsta loser 50 cent, or Jay z brain dead wife Beyonce using new black panther signs while performing on a national stage at the super bowl years ago .


I made my point. Which part did you fail to comprehend? Maybe I can help.



Call_me_Ishmael, pretty much nailed it in his aforementioned post

I cant see how you could miss the point?