Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble

Elizabeth Warren’s application to the Texas Bar just surfaced. She listed her race as American Indian. This is the first document that contains the lie in her own hand writing.
Even the liberal media is after her now. She’s toast.
This is a classic example of how a lie will keep building on itself. if not admitted.


Excellent… hopefully that’s her race done. She has been found gaming the system that she claims is rigged. Yes Warren, a system rigged and then exploited by libscum like you.

Edit -

That still doesn’t mean that she gained anything from her decision to call herself a Native American on some documents. The bar registration card is a simple formality, not the sort of thing that would somehow benefit Warren in some material way.

The key point this article misses, is that although Warren didn’t gain an advantage - at least officially - she deliberately sought to gain advantage by listing herself as a minority.

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I just watched her apology, rehearsed and just as fraudulent as her application. She is the perfect example Dem. hypocrisy.

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First to run, first to fall.

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Is this as bad as an audio tape in which the candidate brags about grabbing pussy?

I think this thread is about Pocahontas.


I’m just wondering where the bar is set for Democratic candidates. Well, for all candidates really.

And it’s an honest question.

Bragging about grabbing pussy didn’t slow trump down much. Neither did his numerous lies on the campaign trail.

Is warren’s actions move that bar, or below it?

I do think this will give her trouble, but I think anyone who shrugged off trumps many scandals and complains about this is being hypocritical.

But trump was such a unique animal, the regular rules truly didn’t - don’t? - apply to him.

On its face, no; the difference is that his was vulgarity from a decade before, and hers was a calculated lie to gain advantage. One tells you he’s crude, and superficial in his person, the other tells you she’s a calculating liar.


Trump joked about grabbing pussy because he can. Elizabeth Warren lied about being a Native American when she isn’t to gain an unfair advantage. Two very different things. Try staying on topic shill.


It was a brag about sexual assault. Little more than being crude.

ha, I hope the native american indian sauteed her blonde blue eye ass.

The excuse she gave about her mother telling her she was indian and expected the people to believe her, well maybe brain dead leftists, but conservatives with an IQ over 80 thought it was bull shit from the get go

I hope its bye bye Lizzy and good riddance

She may not have gained anything “officially” with this particular incident, but I’ll bet my next paycheck this is not the only time she used this ploy and DID get an advantage at one point.

Or are they trying to claim now that this is the ONLY time she marked herself down as NA?

How stupid do they think we are?

That is rhetorical BTW.


I would point out that at the time she may not have been provably lying … not like when Barry said he’d no other aliases (IIRC).

All she need do is be able to claim it was a family account and the BAR will do nothing.

You can call her things like Fauxcohontas for various reasons, such as stealing recipes.

But really, her (and the DNC’s) Left wing politics are far far worse than this, and I’m thinking we play on their PC ground this way we sorta validate their nonsense.

Senate seat she’s now holding is secure thou…idiot libs in Mass will continue to support her.

They did with that other killer/rapist.

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Dizzy Fauxahontas Lizzy asserted her white privilege to steal set asides for real Native Americans.

Think how happy those real Indians were to clean her house, and live on the reservation rather than go to Harvard…

Can we get that drum guy to get in her face?

Oh come on Bill, If a man can decide he is a woman and has to have his mental illness accepted as now being fact, surely Warren’s mental illness has to be accepted as fact also? We know that these days, delusions trump fact every time and delusions are the new reality :wink:


She “identified” as an Indian! :rofl:


Trump never claimed to be a choir boy. If he sought that type of persona to run for president, then that tape would have been a bigger deal than it was. Quite frankly, a lot of men say crude things in the presence of other men and a lot of women in the presence of other women do as well.

Warren exploited for personal gain. Read the articles about what Native American Indians think of her. If she was so proud of her “heritage” then you’d think she would have used her political power to help them, not snub them.


And Joy Behar’s pictures dressed up and darkened as a black woman …


Oh… of course… libs meant no harm. Damn liars and hypocrite scum they are.


You never know. She digs herself a deeper hole everyday. She doesn’t know how to stop lying.