Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


talking about slavery is one thing, obsessing over it is another

we get bent out of shape because its a constant reminder from the left about it, when in reality the left doesn’t care about the black people until its time to vote in the mid terms and presidential election

Funny thing is the only time I see BLM and Democrats together is when midterms are coming up and the federal election, and the odd police shooting of a hoodrat by a white officer.

They dont give a rats ass about the 4000 black men who have been shot and killed in Chicago alone.
that almost as much as our fallen heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan

So the left should spare me about “racism” when they are the closet racists themselves.



Remembrance of and wallowing are two different things.

It is fine to remember slavery and talk about it. But, no one really cares about it as much as liberals and those who want to use it as an excuse for their own personal failures.

Quite frankly, if you cared or if anyone who came from a family of slaves cared, they would be marching in the streets over the slavery that exists today coming compliments of our southern border.

Instead, it is just poor me. The “white man” is keeping me down in spite of the fact that they have equal opportunities. That so many have pissed that away to hang their lives on victimhood isn’t even a concern on my radar.


Just because your post hit first doesn’t mean you are not channeling me Max :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then why call him Uncle Tom? Certainly, you would agree he has the right to choose his political party, think independently and succeed in life. He should be a beacon of hope and celebrated, not labeled Uncle Tom.


You quoted me talking about the HISTORY of racism and you call that wallowing. Interesting.

Is it your stance that 54 year post Jim Crow/slavery is enough time to forget the history and how it may still effect black people today?


I don’t think he should be called an Uncle Tom. I’ve said he has every right to choose the political party that best matches his views.

He is very successful and his success can stand on its own regardless of political affiliation.

But you don’t have to agree with his politics just because he is successful.


So on one hand you seem to say you are only speaking of history while on the other asking how long it should take to stop affecting black people today.

I never said forget history. Just don’t wallow in it and use it as an excuse.

You get the same curriculum I get in grades 1-12. If you want to screw off don’t expect me to pay your way because I studied my ass off and did something with my life. Your choice, not mine. You blew it. I didn’t. Choices in life and the repercussions of such are blind to skin color. Excuses for failure? Well, point away at everyone else except the man in the mirror.


This goes to show you how stupid the leftist blacks are, they are dupes.

We dont welcome the Ben Carson’s, Candace Owens, Col.Allen West, Dr.Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and many more because they are blacks, we welcome them because they are conservative and we dont care if they are black or not.

We dont care , a conservative with values is welcome and if the liberal democrat blacks calls them uncle tom so be it, as they are making something out of their lives and we welcome them with open arms.

We dont welcome liberal leftist loser blacks or losers period.


Talking about history is one thing. But why talk about history and not consider how it may affect us today?

We can talk about 9/11 and also talk about the affect 9/11 has on our air travel.

I said this to TWR because he seems to have a specific timeline in which black people, as a group in America, so be on equal footing as white people. I’m simple saying that less than 70 years ago, white people had better accommodations than most black people. And it was codified in law.

We need to talk about that because it may help us structure policy to help black people “catch-up”.

The free market didn’t oppress black people by themselves. It took law to oppress. Because of that, the free market isn’t going to help them gain parity with white people. You need to free market and government.


No Cons care that they are black. You are fooling yourself if you don’t. Who was the black head of the rnc at one point?


Very true. Yet the democrats see them as traitors and want to see them fail.


Con’s don’t care if they are black. But the democrats sure do.


no, you are hiding your own racism

You do know that that not all republicans are conservatives right? just look at the jokers in congress, which republican senator or rep is a conservative, maybe less than a handful

that is the problem with the republicans today, they have abandoned conservative principles for the sake of power.


Not sure if you think Trump is conservative but he mentions black unemployment in almost every speech about the economy.


What I’ve seen is when cons what to make black liberals feel stupid, they post something from Candace Owens or Ben carson and say “see I wish they were all like him”.

Cons use black conservatives as props when they want to make a point to black liberals.


Democrats are stupid too, I get why they want the blacks on their side because it keeps them in power.

but liberal blacks are too stupid to understand this.


How naive. You still keep speaking as though the past bears fruit on the present.

How about we talk about the opportunities? Shake some of that bad, victimhood fruit off the trees and replace it with equal opportunity and what that means. Use it or lose it with a good dose of teaching personal responsibility?


Why shouldn’t he? It is much improved. You should be as pleased about that as he is.


So the past has zero affect on the future as it pertains to racial oppression? The way to oppression was free market and government and the way out is free market only?


I think he should! It’s a great story.

However you just said cons don’t care about race. If you consider Trump a con, then he surely cares about race as it pertains to the economy.