Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Keep this in mind as you all continue to play the game of the trolls.



I did misinterpret your stance with Maxine Waters. My apologies.

I just pointed out athletes and rappers because you did. Of course there are other examples of prominent black people who aren’t celebrities.

Define success? If you define success as being a millionaire… then being black and a millionaire is still an anomaly. If you define success as having a decent job and house then there are plenty.


if you’re living in a nice community and you’re relatively free, you’re successful

I remember reading a piece from the Clinton News Network aka CNN where they did a piece on african americans in the 1% and they got their info from the St Louis FRED, back in 2016 for the year 2013 and they report 1.7% of the 1% is black and to get on this list you minimum net worth was 7.9 million dollars.

One of my buddies who is black is successful and his net worth is close to that, not including his house of course.

my point they are out there but most of them won’t get the press because their stories aren’t sexy enough

My other buddy is Chinese who is also very successful in his family business, the majority of my friends are successful and funny thing is we are all conservatives

coincidence ?


And oppressing the descendants of the former oppressors won’t erase it either, it’s just more oppression.

54 years is almost three generations. How many more generations of white kids being placed at a disadvantage will it take to make you happy?


So is Bill Gates or Bezos “normal” for white folks?


If anyone thinks that the rich liberal, black or white, wants to rid the world of the oppression of the poor negro, one is foolish. If the oppression ever ends, they will have nothing to grandstand about. The welfare plantation must be maintained.


You are ignoring the Uncle Tom label that black Republicans are given by the blacks still living on the Democratic Plantation.


Nothing odd or relativistic about it. Murder is a legal/technical term.


She’s the victim of an unsolved homicide. I think the DA more than proved Simpson guilty but the jury decided the case based on race rather than the facts. The prosecution and police obviously got caught trying to frame a guilty man which gave them justification for finding as they did.


They are basically excommunicated from the black community so there are many that are flat afraid to stand up in public and let it be known they aren’t buying the bs from the race baiters and DNC anymore.


Do you call people ‘faggots’ in real life?


I’m not forgetting anything. Those who are still living that lived through the Jim Crow era had fifty years to live, earn, and excel once it was over.

I can look back to my great grandparents era, all of whom were born in that era in the 1880’s. They were literally dirt poor and some of them heavily discriminated against but all of their children learned at least a four year college degree, most went on to advanced and professional degrees in Pharmacy, Medicine, Engineering, and Education.

Nobody gave them a damned thing, they fought like hell for every advantage they ever got in life.

The kids born since 64 all grew up in a completely different world with more opportunity than any of their ancestors yet blacks in particular instead of taking advantage of those opportunities for the most part have squandered them.

The Black family was destroyed by the liberal welfare system to the point that today over 70% of their kids are raised without fathers.

No matter what your race is, if you work hard in school, keep yourself sober, get a good education be that a university education or trade and you can succeed as long as you stay out of prison and avoid the criminal life.

Nearly 3/4 of the living population today came of age during or since 64, if they didn’t succeed in life they have only themselves and their parents to blame.


Everyone knows she was murdered.

How is this even an argument?

Just because you weren’t caught doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime.


And we return to “innocent until proven guilty”.

If you don’t understand the words being used break out a legal dictionary.


Seems to me, if any race has a legitimate grievance against another race in America, liberals have it backwards. Go compare the numbers of black people killed by white cops to the numbers of whites killed by black people some time.


Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie.

Keep on hoping girl. :laughing:

“Here’s what bothers me: By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president,” Warren told a Cedar Rapids crowd. “In fact, he may not even be a free person.”


Wow that is an extremely tight timeline she has created, impeached and jailed by 2020? Hilarious.


I think she’s been smoking out of the same bowl as AOC.


Your grandparents… no matter how poor, were still white.

How long should it take for an entire race who was oppressed for 300+ years… who less than 60 years ago were still unable to access the same institution as white peoples, for the entire race to prosper and build wealth?


No. Let’s compare the number of black people killed by white people to the number of whites killed by blacks. Then control for the percentage of each race in the population and get back to me.