Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


He still dreams of people being judged by their character rather than the color of their skin. That’s so against the modern Left’s ideology for they pretty much own grouping people and defining their supposed interests by some crude externality about them.



Great? I am not taking a micro view of this. My view is macro. Looking at the whole system. Our head start is built into our white skin. For 300 years being white had superiority over being black. In every aspect of life.

Less the 70 years ago… you could be poor and white and STILL have better public bathrooms and water fountains than black people. You could be poor and white and still have access to better schools than black people. You could be poor an white and go to a market and get preference because we are white. Get cheaper prices because we are white.

Being poor and white was always better than being poor and black.

Your question about Asians, assuming that is true, may have a lot to do with the ability to keep their culture (black people had theirs stripped away) and the fact that they didn’t experience the full oppressive power of the government.



No one is preventing him from being a Republican. He , like the other 8-10% of black people are allowed to be republicans. More power to them.



So me where I seek what you say? Pointing out the effects of centuries of oppression isn’t judging an individual by the color of their skin. I am not passing judgement on any one black person or the larger racial group.

I am simply pointing out that for centuries… they were oppressed simple BECAUSE of the color of their skin and in order to get them back to where they should be… we as white men should be able to support intiative that help them.

Speaking of MLK, what do you think his thoughts were went the civil rights act passed? Do you think he said “I wish this wouldn’t pass because they are judging us by the color of our skin by singling black people out”?


Mueller Report Submitted to the AG

Psst, most white people were oppressed too. Go watch the documentary “Blood on the Mountain” some time.



And no matter what OUR whiteness was still seen as an asset over being black. Stop trying to minimize the effects of black oppression/racism by saying “me too!”.

White people as a race were not oppressed like black people. Period.



Are you familiar with the “claim, data, warrant” system of argumentative writing? Well, you have your claim, and you have your warrant, but you have no evidence of what your saying.



How do you explain the problems in the appalachians?

the exception if you were irish or italian or living the appalachians

If you were poor and your name was Giuseppe, or your surname was Murphy, McPherson and Irish background you were treated like shit along with Billy Bob and Bobbi Jo



Slavery and Jim Crow.

I am not about to list every single statistic about slavery and Jim Crow. However to play your game I’ll offer 1.

In 1860, in the south. 94% of black people were slaves and black people represented about 48% of the total population in the south.

4 million slaves. Beaten and sold like cattle. Codified by law.

There were literal laws that oppressed 1 specific race, simply because they were black.



And no matter what Giuseppe, who was still white, had better bathrooms and water fountains than black people.

There were not any federal laws on the books that targeted Italians or Jews. There were literal laws on the books that targeted black people. EVEN AFTER the civil rights act, it took many states years to get rid of Jim Crow era laws. Take interracial marriage.

That was outlawed in almost every southern state until 1967. This is what real oppression looks like and this is where maybe some white people felt oppressed… 2% of marriages were interracial in 1970. In 2013 that percentage is 12%.



not in the south, as soon as Giuseppi or Paolo opened their mouth and spoke, they were told to leave, as the other folks called them “wops” and the irish poor " mics"

As long as they did not speak things were fine.

Just because federal laws didn’t exist on targeting jews, italians and Irish didnt mean bigotry didn’t exist against them?

There were federal laws targeting chinese people too, until FDR removed them and there was still discrimination against the chinese, but what separates the Chinese from the other visible minorities is they don’t have a victims mentality , they didnt benefit from A.A yet they thrived and they were looked down upon by upper class America.

And your point is what???



Why do you suppose black people have called him Uncle Tom rather than look up to him and his achievements as something they can attain with hard work as well?



Stop taking the shill bait.

These two faggots derailed yet another thread.

@Pragmatic and @Thehollowmen are paid leftist shills.



Nice name calling!

I can’t speak for TH, but my comment was directly in line with the topics being discussed here. I made an observation based on the reaction to this story. Then people didn’t like my observation and sought to debate it.

Literally every thread here is derailed if that is the standard.



I couldn’t care less about 70 years ago. I care about today and the future. Learn from history. That is what it is there for. But there is no need to wallow in the past as though it still affects anyone’s life today.



Because of what he believes?

One can admire someone’s achievement and not respect their political views. It’s not an either or proposition.

As for the name calling, I don’t agree with that. However I don’t think the majority of black people see him as a Uncle Tom, they just think he is on the wrong side of the isle.



Because he is black, he is on the wrong side of the isle.

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What is your standard for “wallowing in the past”? How much can someone remember and learn from history before it’s walllowing?

This country consistently “wallows” in the past. We have people in the south defending confederate flags and statues. We remember D day. We remember 9/11.

But when we remember slavery and talk about how it had an impact on black people today and offer a narrative on it… cons get bent out of shape. As if the discussion is a reflection on them. Here is a tip, it’s isnt if you aren’t racist.

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Because he is black AND conservative, many people believe he is on the wrong side of the isle. Simply being black doesn’t make him “on the wrong side”.



they are not derailing the thread, they are just posting their view, that is fine, It gives us something to talk about , because if we all agree than the threads will be boring.

If they are paid leftist shrills even better as I dont see many on the right changing their minds because of their posts.

If anything they strengthened our beliefs