Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Unless there’s a conviction no crime was ever committed.

No prosecution, no finding of guilt.

If you are acquitted, no finding of guilt you are legally innocent of said crime.

Crimes are charged but unless it is proven in court no crime was committed.


And both white men and white women are the most frequent victims of AA.

Reverse discrimination is just as abominable and immoral as the discrimination it was supposed to “remedy”.

We’re now three generations past the civil rights era when all legal discrimination against minorities came to an end. At some point minorities have to find a way to compete on their own merits and quit blaming the white man for all of their problems.


Should cold cases be done away with and removed from the books? There was never a conviction so there was never a crime.
Kennedy was never assassinated. No one was ever convicted.


Veterans get preferences. Are they inferior to non-veterans?


Veterans earn those preferences with their service.


Cases are closed when the police are convinced they have the right perp but without the court determining that a murder was committed and convicted of same technically there has been no murder. Someone is most assuredly dead but until it’s proven in court it’s not a murder.


I can meet you a portion of the way. It is considered a homicide if a coroner or medical examiner rules it such. To be a murder it must be proven not to be a justifiable, negligent or reckless homicide.


What an odd relativistic way to look at this.

If you steal something, you steal something. If you murder someone, you murdered someone. If you cheat on your taxes, you cheated on your taxes.

Wether or not you got caught, tried and convicted is a completely separate issue.

How is this even an argument?

When you teach your kids not to steal, do you tell them, it’s only stealing if you get caught, so don’t get caught and you won’t be a thief? Or do you tell them not to steal?



Nicole simpson was not murdered.

The jewels missing from the jewelry store were not stolen because no one was ever caught. They just disappeared.


Was Nicole Simpson murdered?


I concede.

Elizabeth Warren still sucks.


Ben Carson is a great example of that, along with many others. Too bad when they overcome and are on the “wrong side” of the political aisle they get called “Uncle Tom” by their own “brothers”.


3 generations? Sounds good but then you realize that baby boomers are still alive. Which includes black men/women who lived in the middle of Jim Crow. The civil rights act was passed 54 years ago. Before that there was almost 100 years of Jim Crow. And before that there was 200+ years of slavery in America.

I don’t understand the thought that suddenly after the emancipation proclamation… black would would be able to function in a society that sold them like cattle?

I don’t understand the thought that suddenly, after the civil rights act, that black people would suddenly be able to prosperous after being segregated, jailed at a higher rate, having less access to schools, jobs, a wealth generation would suddenly be able to catch-up to their white male counterparts.

It’s like starting a 400 meter dash and the black person in the race gets told to start in the locker room.

There is this gross misconception that when black people bring up the very recent past, that they want a hand out or want pity. That is not true for most, most just want that respected and that we all seeks to learn from it and prevent it.

Centuries of oppression won’t be erased in 54 years.


Ben Carson, Obama, Oprah, Jayz, etc are great examples of black people prospering. However they are the exception, not the norm. Cons like to point to statistical anomalies and say “see black people are doing fine”.

Yes THOSE black people are doing great! And everyone, regardless of color, should aspire to be as successful. However that is not what is close to normal for the majority of minorities. Generational wealth is what black people were denied for over 300 years.


Too bad people like Ben Carson get called Uncle Tom by some of their “brothers” rather than being celebrated by their “brothers”.


That is because of his ideology, not his success as a doctor. But you knew that already.

There are plenty of successful black surgeons that don’t align with the policies of republicans. Ben Carson isn’t special, but he is successful. Congrats to him!


So what had going for you was your Aunt as the Deep Store and you were protected being in-group for whom no charge is serious enough? wakkawakka*


Any explanation as to why poor asians can immigrate here and do better than white Americans, economically and academically? Did they have a head start? And where was my head start? I left home at 15 with the shirt on my back. Neither set of my grandparents had indoor plumbing.


Yeah, God forbid someone make a break from the safety of the hive mind and think for themselves.

I’m sure the Uncle Tom comments keep him awake and full of remorse at night. :rofl:


Yeah, he was an uppity black man who didn’t need the Left’s plantation.