Brexit Betrayal



They want to destroy the nation state


Did you ever wonder where th idea of open borders originated?
Maybe the bible?

God long ago promised Jacob that his descendants would spread seaward, east, north, and south into the Negev (Gen. 28:14) – no borders were mentioned. Isaiah told the people, “Enlarge your tent…spread right and left, and inherit the nations.” (54:2-3) Moreover, the West Bank – Yehudah v’Shomron , Judea and Samaria – is the locus of our ancestral lands. Much of what is now Israel proper was Philistine, the source and namesake of Palestine.

Now ask yourself Cui Bono?? And which country refuses to identify its borders? Why?

“A nation without borders” — How the occupation unwinds Israel

From the blog of David Seidenberg at The Times of Israel


The Philistines are not the Palestinians.

Israel has a huge fuck of wall for parts of its’ border.

All you do is talk shite.


Why isn’t something being done about this?


Philistine, the source and namesake of Palestine.

Maybe - but if it is shite why does it wind you up so?


It’s annoying having to read your shite all the time, and you clearly have an agenda.


No-one asked you to read it, its a free speech site - you are free to read anything you like. Agenda?? qui moi? - no its my Hasbara mates with an agenda


I didn’t say anyone asked me to read it, stupid. If there is anyone who is a paid troll it’s you. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you literally spam the same anti-West and anti-Jew crap everywhere.

The entire board is infested with your nonsense, it spans many threads. I come to read about Brexit, and oh look, more Jew hating bullshit. You attempt to turn even the most unrelated topic into a post about the Jews.

Your agenda is so transparent.


This is a Brexit thread, not the Magog despises Jews thread. Can you rename “What Really Happened” to that and keep your disdain for Jews focused there?


Blows apart the Remain argument…


There is no way the EU can be seen to give us a fair deal.


I don’t think trying to hammer the issue of the Irish backstop counts as a clear objective. The EU won’t budge; they have made their case clear. Thank you Macron! He will vote down any extension proposal to make sure we leave with no deal on the 29th March.



Also to be followed by the Dutch, and then maybe the French

…but that could be just what we want or need.


Disdain I can live with but hate - maybe but more what they do than what they are.
And my post merely juxtaposed Israels attitude to UK’s borders(which IS Brexit related) with its failure identify its own borders. Suggesting that there is a reason for Israels promotion of Brexit and open borders which would justify their lack of defined borders.


You prettt much did say you hate the Jews:


Its more what they do than what they are - anyway I hate loadsa ppl and its nothing personal.


Nothing gets in the way of business in the “City of Londinium Corporation” aka “The Firm”. It has the “Lord Mayor” not “The Mayor” and has always been the centre of the financial universe. I believe a few freemasons hangout there too (Guildhall Lodge, No. 3116).

Whatever happens with Brexit, it is on the instruction of that squad above.
Everything else we see referendum, political turmoil etc etc is just theatrics.


The City of London is Britain’s second empire. Over half of the world’s offshore funds are held in British jurisdictions. That is why we pay so much in foreign aid to corrupt African despots and the like, just for them to re-invest into our holdings. For all those who sneer at Britain losing all its power since the Empire days, they couldn’t be more wrong. Only that now it is a lot more covert. And the EU are trying to get their greasy mitts on that.