Brexit Betrayal

This was on Sunday 9th December. It was a peaceful protest, but no doubt served as a warning to the government that if they do not deliver the will of the people, things could quickly turn sour as they have in France.

Is this true?


Yes it is. Will dig something out.


2:42:00 for about 10 mins, note what is said 2:47:30

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IDS: Mood shift, Tory MPs putting letters in


Disgraceful, fcuking disgraceful

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It’s called subverting the will of the people. Much like they do in the US everyday.


“3 Para on exercise in Bosnia with EU insignia on uniforms, saluting EU flag with EU anthem being played”. I don’t recall the BBC reporting that !!

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They are greasing the way for the UK to remain.

UK can scrap Brexit and stay in EU, judges rule

Britain can remain with no penalties, court says

Westminster Daily

December 11, 2018

The UK can unilaterally cancel Brexit without any changes to the terms of its membership, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirmed yesterday.

They confirmed the opinionof ECJ advocate general Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona that the UK could do so without approval from the EU’s 27 member states.

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I don’t get it. The Armed Forces belong to the Queen and are ultimately answerable to the Queen. It is not the Government’s to give away.

What if Queeny is part of the problem ? I’ve never heard a peep from her about being ruled by Brussels.

EDIT: The obvious historical German family connection ?

The Queen will never express a political opinion and never has. The Royal Family are supposed to be neutral. Saying that, rumour has it the Queen was pleased about Brexit.

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Can’t substantiate this post from FF this afternoon .
It suggests the source of the info is the Daily mail political editor .
Maybe just a bullshit post from deltaone to get clicks but often there is no smoke without fire.
This will certainly change the political landscape if the tweets become reality.


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Yes it’s absolutely true!! At last! :smile:

She doesn’t need to. Rumour also has it she is no different than the royals of yesteryear, only more covert now.

I read that somewhere too.




Exceeded, not just reached! I think it might be a good day. We could know tonight. @Magog said she would be gone before Christmas. Come on Boris!! He will appoint JRM for Chancellor!

It is odd to have a vote so close to letter being submitted. I hope this is not a stitch up

Maybe the threshold was reached some days ago and Sir Graham Brady kept it to himself whilst he ascertained whether the letters were genuine. I think the clue is in the word “exceeded.”