Brexit Betrayal



Is May’s blackmail working? Shame on them!


Yep and MAYbe is doing eactly what she is told


Anyone here changed their mind on immigration, I haven’t:


Of course the BBC never lie, do they? Should we ask Tommy Robinson?


Is that the criterion for determining truth?

Someone walks up to a guy and says “your mother is a whore”. If the guy gets wound up, that means it’s true?


I don’t know a single person to change their mind of immigration, but I do know people who have changed their mind from once thinking it wasn’t a problem, to now believing it is. So those poll numbers confuse me.


Magog also has a problem in defining any negative reply to her posts as being “wound up”.

Magog is a joke!


I think if the other guy gets wound-up it is false


I believe Macron is having a hissy fit.


Boris has had a haircut. I think he means business.


I read the article, the reasoning is on a par with Diane Abbott

…maybe it is an annual thing?
Interesting that he claims no clear structure to the EU machinery.


And the Hasbara criteria is?..
Anything you disagree with is a lie?

Your English comprehension skills have let you down again haven’t they. ‘‘wound up’’ describes your reaction only. And it is absolutely true that everything I post seems to ‘‘wind up’’ my Hasbara friends which normally indicates that you have something to hide.


Some good news I think

‘‘Brexit is at that stage of the chess game where the result is already a foregone conclusion. Brexit is going to happen.’’


He’s got his eye on No10 is all


Haha! That’s the ticket! I had mine cut last October! The next one will likely be by the end of June.


What’s absolutely true is that you flatter yourself in thinking you have the ability to wind anybody up.

By the way,dummy…without realizing your stupidity, you answered his question.


Ohhh I think I do - classic reaction to a wind up is anger and frustration

  1. Swearing Releases Anger and Frustration.
    And my Hasbara friends certainly swear a lot.


… this is EXCELLENT !! :+1:


Or maybe it’s because he is dating someone young enough to be his daughter. He’s lost weight as well. If we do manage to leave on March 29th, do you think the pressure would be on to get rid of Treason May? Despite the facts, I am still wary that the bastards will pull a fast one.


You still have hair? :open_mouth::grin::+1: