Brexit Betrayal



Maybe they could leave Britain, take over a smaller island and declare independence…as happened in 1776.


The EU has just completed a trade deal with Japan, with two primary objectives. The first was to gain hugely increased access to the Nipponese car market for BMW. And the second was to give Tokyo a quid pro quo of EU access for Nissan….a major earner of export monies and employment for the UK.



This is Brussels’ worst nightmare, a high performing economy of significant size and standing outside of the EU and right on its doorstep. WTO is the only way to go


Elitist liberal from Cambridge Uni;

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Good that Trump is president. Obama would have made sure UK would have felt more pain by leaving.


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Obama want to the UK prior to the election and tried to influence their election. Yet little is said about that as well as the trip to Israel to influence their election. And then the left bitches about the Russians interference in out elections.

Hypocrites one and all.



Northern Irish way of say Corbyn is an idiot



Reality seem to butt hurt the other guest on the couch :rofl::rofl: