Brexit Betrayal




Corbyn hates the EU: Video shows the Labour leader branding the bloc a ‘military Frankenstein’ and the ‘European empire of 21st century’


Secret No-Deal Brexit Plan To Slash Tariffs On All Imports


Corbyn is just a wind up merchant, he has no value for the good of the country. He never supported the EU. How could we be part of such a union if he is to fulfil his Socialist dream? The only way is if we became a closed country, then it doesn’t matter if our currency becomes worthless and toilet roll is unaffordable.


Then British industry need to up their game, no more relying on the EU protection racket and handouts!


Secret plan?

Imagine that coming out of government.


From RT



Guy Verhofstadt follows Donald Tusk in scathing insults at vote Leavers


On the basis of the EU’s own view of what is legally allowed under Article 50 and on the basis of which the negotiations proceeded, the backstop in its present form is illegal as a matter of EU law.


Freedom is painful, but it beats the hell out of the alternatives.


Facebook paid hundreds of thousands to host anti-Brexit ‘fake news’


This needs to get really nasty.

Germany owed us £120b in war debt which was written off in 1990, out of a gesture of goodwill. That would be £3 trillion in today’s money. Now clearly there is no goodwill left, we need to demand that money and if they fail to pay then we will take over sections of Germany, militarily. What are they going to do about it? Ha! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t think Tusk would agree LOL.


Perhaps the UK should indict Zukerberg for interfering in the UK election process. That would get some panties in the US in a twist.


He now has remainer in chief and head UK Europhile Libtard, Nick Clegg working for him. What has the US done to deserve such an affliction. The good news is that he is in the US and not here



The events of the last 10 years are beyond explanation. Our hard left turn even more difficult to explain.

The media, Democrats have used President Trump’s election to advance the idea that their side is scandal free, racist free, and pure as the driven snow. We Anyone with an ounce of common sense and actually read know better. the have asked Americans to ignore much and have loudly raised standards to impossible heights to ensure they have a moral advantage over their political opponents.

“Believe all women,” they claimed. Brett Kavanaugh was unqualified to be on the Supreme Court because of an unproven accusation. Then other, less credible allegations came in, some with stories that kept changing, and we were all supposed to still believe them.

Anyone who voted for President Trump was presumed to be a racist. Republicans had to quickly denounce anyone and everyone who said anything that even hinted at being racist. The Democrats have turned a blind eye to problematic bigots within their own party. Like our most popular politician Mr. Black Face in Virginia.

The most prominent examples of the absolute lunacy gripping the US today.


I’ll drink to that! Screw Zukerberg!!