Brexit Betrayal



Here is a better view of Remain argument and it’s not pleasant



Garden is ever so overgrown. Is that the hallmark of a feminist /lib /remainer?


Garden??? That’s the flcuking Amazon rain forest and it is the ugly side of Remain.

Cambridge employs this idiot knowing that her command of the English language is so poor, that she has to take her clothes off to warrant any attention. Your County Jen, it’s got to be your fault in some way :wink:


Is that the same girl?


A lot of wildlife in that rainforest. Remainers are filthy. A couple more rainforests i bet, if she lifts her arms.


Yes, she certainly is :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


I believe that there are tree climbing crabs in the Amazon, as well as tree climbing fish


You certainly would not want to go for a dip in that jungle.


There isn’t an emoticon for that yet, but it involve a guy cupping his crown jewels whilst sucking breath through his teeth


…as I get older my standards get lower, I think she’s a twat, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up - though would never get into a relationship. Sorry Jen, but I’m a red blooded male lol.


That can’t b for real.

No one would have a picture of themselves with a body like that.

Got to be photo shopped.


More like the crab nebula


Sorry LouMan, No photoshop used. Fugly is fugly


Not only is it a mentally ill fugly with crabs and parasites, it is also a Remainer! You would screw a Remainer? That’s disappointing, verv!


Perfect example that leftism is a mental illness.


Probably because he was asked by the PM to make the anti-Brexit comments. Cameron’s people literally gave him the “back of the queue” line to use.

And it wasn’t an election, it was a non-binding referendum. I’m not being anal in pointing that out, it’s quite a marked difference.


WTO deal is the way to go and to have the ability and freedom to determine who to trade with! Nothing should be short of this objective! This is the will of the people!


She puts new meaning in “the harrier the merrier”! Yikes!


Would it have been equally non binding if remain had won?


I just realised what she wrote over herself. I never got that far earlier, due to the sheer horror. Why do fems keep bleating on about it’s their body? I doubt if many would want it. She’s welcome to it.