UK: European Leaders Expected to Grant Additional Brexit Extension


What Happened: European leaders are expected to grant another Brexit delay to the British government during an extraordinary meeting on April 10, the Financial Times reported April 9.

Why It Matters: Although it remains unclear how much additional time the European Union will give the United Kingdom, initial rumors suggest either Dec. 31 or March 31, 2020, as Brexit dates. The union may also include a provision for the country to leave the bloc at an earlier date if London approves a withdrawal agreement.

Background: The British withdrawal from the European Union is currently scheduled for April 12, but London has asked Brussels to grant an additional extension until June 30. In the meantime, the ruling Conservative Party is holding talks with the main opposition Labour Party to find a compromise on a Brexit deal that could produce a cross-party majority in Parliament.

May handled it like a true remainer with no intention other than finding a way for politicians to overrule the leave or not leave referendum.

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UK, EU: European Leaders Offer to Extend Brexit Deadline to Oct. 31

What Happened: European Union leaders on April 10 decided to extend the United Kingdom’s deadline to withdraw from the bloc until Oct. 31, The New York Times reported.

Why It Matters: The extension offer, which British Prime Minister Theresa May still has to agree to accept (she had sought a delay until June 30), will likely allow the United Kingdom and the European Union to avoid a no-deal Brexit until next fall, although it will not solve the United Kingdom’s domestic political crisis as the House of Commons still struggles to approve a withdrawal agreement. It also means the United Kingdom will almost certainly have to hold elections for the European Parliament in late May.

Background: The British government decided to request an additional extension from the European Union after Parliament voted down British Prime Minister Theresa May’s current withdrawal agreement three times.