Brexit Betrayal



It would be no surprise if another Remainer gets into the hot seat.


Anna Soubry :joy:


I didn’t dare to say it !!!


This could be what we have all been waiting for LOL…



Only if May does not win the leadership challenge. If she does, then she has immunity for another 12 months. :angry:




May wins no confidence vote 200 out of 317 but as JRM said, a good number of that 200 were her own cabinet because if they had felt strongly enough to see her out, they likely would have resigned prior to the vote. Also I would think that her speech prior to the vote offering her resignation before the 2020 election likely swayed some votes so I don’t really see that she has much support in her own party. Not sure what this will do for her Brexit deal. So… what is next… A parliamentary motion of no confidence?


She doesn’t have a Brexit deal, she has a Remain in the EU deal


Ok, I am well pissed off. But let’s be objective and look at the facts.

  1. She will be gone definitely by 2020.
  2. She has categorically stated no second referendum.
  3. She has at least 117 of her MP’s voting against her, so the government is in stalemate. Her deal will not go through.
  4. It is written in law that we will leave the EU in March next year.
    Therefore we will crash out on WTO rules.

Usually if over 100 of the Tory MP’s have no confidence in the leader, their position is deemed untenable anyway and they resign. I can’t see May doing that. I hope I am wrong.


I really see this going only two ways… her deal or a new broadly designed referendum…


So… no second referendum is definitely off the table?.. as a lamb duck prime minister I’m not so sure she can deliver that… particularly if she ends up with at parliamentary motion against her… She seems not to have a lot of power over the direct of Brexit at this point 'cause the only thing she has is a deal that, at least on the surface, no one wants to vote for…

I don’t know about the parliamentary motion of no confidence… how does that work?



She also said no deal is better than a bad deal once and then tried to give us what she said was a good deal, which turned out to be the worst deal in the history of deals. Her mouth says what it likes, she’s just another up to the neck with bullshit remainer when all is said and done.
You still think reform within that lot ? They are bunch of servile shit houses.



From the west side of the pond, I sit and consider the similarities that can be drawn from the frustration of the Trump meeting with Pelosi and Shumer threatening any real plan to build a southern border wall in America, compared to the failed May vote of confidence over a failed Brexit plan.

We share a lot of concerns:
Preserving our culture.
Controlling immigration.
Protecting our borders.
Growing our economy.

While the UK is facing the Islamists, the US is facing the spanish colonial armada that represent as native Americans.

Both forces seek to obscure their intent to tear down and/or steal what our fore-fathers built.

The truly maddening thing is that there are politicians that would sell our nations out for personal and short term gain.

We, in America, call our enemies the Progressives, Socialists, or more directly the Communists. I don’t know what Y’all call them, maybe we can settle on globalists?



Anti-democratic, Europhile Globalists



Here it is more anti-republic open-border communists.


If there is one consolation at least your invaders at the Southern border don’t want to come in and chop your heads off !
Your eyes should also be firmly on the likes of Michigan, Iowa etc that lot will spread out quicker than a Tsunami if you let them get a hold.