Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


Well that’s a screaming pile of BS. See the “Best Evidence Rule”.

The best evidence is always the original source which in this case would have been the actual hard drives.

That they were not willing to turn them over speaks volumes.


They could have used cloned or backup hard drives and be back to work in less than an hour.


And what’s scaring em even more are calls/demands for special counsel to investigate CoJ and FBI corruption.


No it isn’t…

Forensics is not just limited to the hard drive… you want a live copy of non volatile memory. You want netflow logs, firewall logs… etc. for an external hack…you get very little value from a server HD. Even less from a server turned off.

Best evidence in digital forensics of a server is the hashed copy of the HD and Memory.


Balgonie. The DNC is a political arm of the Democrat Party … a Political Organization is every sense.


No they couldn’t… holy shit you are clueless.

In a raid 5 configuration… with 16 drives… which drives do you take for a forensic investigation?


They are a non profit with the IRS… this isn’t disputable


They are a political organization joined at the hip with the Democrat Party. They are nothing what so ever like a private non-profit.


Come one admit it, you are just lying piece of shit! You prove it here time and time again!


I don’t know why you bother with such a knucklehead, because he is playing you! Can’t you see?


LOL Can’t you see that I am playing him? :wink:


Great! Now this thread is lost!


So they’re not a non profit? Enlighten me


You just love being wrong… you tried to jump into a middle of a conversation and got lost.


Simple, sometimes they need to be exposed.


The fate of most threads that Prag comes into …


Grow the fuck up! You lied and now your trying to spin it another way! You consistently derail threads here and congratulations for doing the same for this one! You should be flagged ! In fact I am all for banning you altogether, but that is not my decision!


I did not say that they are not a non-profit, I said a private non-profit. They are a non-profit arm of the Democrat Party. They are inseparable from the Democrat Party.


Have at it man! Apparently you don’t have better things to do!


That has already been discussed by the mod’s. Of course we have learned there are multiple users using the same account so odds are within hours of Prag being banned we’ll most likely see 3-5 new people trying to join.

She’s not very bright and certainly not very original.