Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


And I love irony. :grinning:


I am still going to inquire, because its apparent to me the Prog has an agenda!


and not an arm of the government, so why should the FBI break a sweat when they get sloppy and let some outsiders hack their emails and embarrass them? Obama and his stooges treated it like they’d stolen nuclear secrets. The ones that they were really worried about were Hillary’s deleted emails, which never got released. The IG recovered thousands, many of which were totally work-related and classified - another reason that crooked Hillary should have been prosecuted.


Flag me please… I didn’t derail this thread. I replied to Zantax regarding his insinuation that a crime wasn’t committed. I replied saying the dnc was hacked. How is that ME derailing?

Then in usual fashion everyone started replying to me about the dnc hack. So if I am derailing… so is everyone else.



Of course they do so by all means go right ahead.


Actually, your hacked DNC server bullshit was in response to me to deflect from this:

You can’t even keep track of who you’re trolling. How embarrassing.


Can you imagine the vitriol if the Republicans had tried this? Overstep. Abuse of office. Government overreach. The cries would be endless.


That is why I called him a lying sack of shit! He truly is!


Looking at his posting history I Think you’re quoting the wrong person here. Maybe give it another look.


Who was he quoting? I didn’t see a direct quote, and it appears that is what I read too!


I quoted what I responded to that started his bs. See the next two posts directly following what I quoted. First was mine, second was Prag’s.


You are absolutely correct… my apologies to Zantax.

It doesn’t change my position.


What position? You’re obfuscating. As usual. :roll_eyes:



I think it was a mistake


That I derailed the thread. It’s what @Dr_Manhattan is yelling about. Threatening flags


Are you going to claim you aren’t? This thread is about Pelosi and here you are talking about Trump. Again. :roll_eyes:


I wouldn’t have a problem with it, if you didn’t have a consistent record and pattern of doing this! The fact of the matter is that you do, and is why I am flagging you. It is obvious you have an agenda, and probably a major reason why you are the most disliked poster here at PB!


Just to make a comment on the thread title - what difference does it make? Everyone knows that Pelosi wants to impeach Trump, and what she said was pretty meaningless. She’ll let the hounds go for impeachment when push comes to shove, what she says now is just BS to keep the propagandists in the media chattering about it.

The Democrats were the ones who couldn’t accept the results of the election, they’re all for “the people” until those ingrates don’t vote the way that they’re supposed to. Then, “the people” are a bunch of idiots and nazis taking orders from Putin.


Sorry dude. I can tell you are making up shit. For a server that has been the target of multiple attacks over time, volatile memory is not where you are going to find your data. So your bullshit about turning it off is …bullshit.