Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


I mean, these were here actual words:

‘“I’m not for impeachment. This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before,” Pelosi said. “But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”’

To me, this is just a variation on what various other people have said – “unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan…” And what she actually means at the end is, Trump isn’t worth wrecking the country over an impeachment process that isn’t “obvious”, not that he’s not worth impeaching at all. At least that’s how I read it. In my mind the Mueller probe has chapter and verse, and more than enough to reach that standard. And in obvious ways, too. Trump isn’t some master criminal who’s discovered some secret “I’m not guilty” powder, he’s only ever escaped serious consequences because of pleas, or being not worth the effort (notice the theme…), and so on.

What will happen when someone other than Trump in the Trump clan is indicted? Will Trump use the “I barely knew him/her” line? Will he issue a pardon? None of the supposed fairy dust that may prevent a president from being indicted applies to anyone else. So he’ll have some choices to make…


Mostly cause of this line. My interpretation is that the “I’m not for impeachment” part was the key takeaway that Pelosi intended. Sure, she did qualify it with “something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan”, but she knows how the news work. They will report the soundbite but not the context.

The thing is, Pelosi is correct. Trump is the symptom, but the disease is the corrupt rot in the GOP. Simply removing Trump does nothing to solve the core problem. The GOP needs to face huge and crushing losses to force them to change or go extinct. The best opportunity to do that is with Trump as the GOP’s leader going into 2020.


It “her” not “Here”!


Clearly you are delusional and suffer from TDS! Try again!

Whats it been? Like 2 years and no evidence found to support the witch hunt? Wishful thinking for snowflakes fears of melting away pin all their hopes and dreams on finding something to charge Trump with! Just think if there ever is another Democratic president elected how turn about is fair play? You SJW’s created this and eventually wlll suffer the same fate! Its called Karma! Cause and Effect goes both ways! If you think you can just force your vision, your half baked ideologies onto others without debating the merits of your arguments then you are sadly mistaken! Maybe that is why your side wants to shut down free speech so much, because in reality you can’t defend your ideas as being reasonable! Want proof? Just look at your post! Its full of inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the truth. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Liberals and Democratic cry babies are the biggest hypocrites on the planet!


Apologies in advance, but this is going to be a dump of the major reasons Pelosi’s statement was a mistake on many levels:

  1. Choice of words: He’s “not worth it.” This is so open to misinterpretation that one would have to question, to begin with, what Pelosi meant by it. It could, at the far edge, be construed as: the likely charges won’t be strong enough to be worth the effort. Considering the small empirical sample available, this could have been said correctly of Clinton’s impeachment (which is sort of the front-of-mind boogaboo of impeachment-wary DC types). It’s flat out false of Trump, unless to repeat Pelosi’s judgment is so bad that no one has thought she could actually be thinking that. But even worse, the language conveys, in one single own goal, both impotence and haughtiness: FFS, what is more worth of your effort as an elected officer of the U.S. than removing a President singularly dedicated to corruption crimes and the trashing of constitutional mandates? To the contrary, Pelosi – and really all centrist Dems especially – ought to state that it’s basic respect for the Country, genuine patriotism, why they are considering impeachment. They ought to position themselves with words in an interview – there will be plenty of occasions to slow-walk impeachment or whatever, but your stance and affects ought to be that you are so worried about the Country that you cannot but consider the possibility!

  2. She’s kowtowing to a sickeningly accommodationist narrative, dear to D.C. media especially, that unless Mueller comes up with a picture of Manafort, Trump Sr and Trump Jr having sex with Cindy Yang while Putin sits on one side of the room reading detailed PA polling data, there’s nothing rising to the level of impeachment. That is, again, flat out false. There are now probably 3 or 4 black-and-white impeachable offenses that have nothing to do with Russia and ought to be investigated this minute. Two just in the last couple of weeks: security clearances ordered against review recommendations, this incredible sleaze fest at Mar-A-Lago. Trump stated that his national emergency declaration was groundless. Who knows what will ooze out of the Epstein court filings.

  3. The way to push back against that narrative is not, btw, to wait for something that will really get John Cornyn to move against the Admin. Face it simply: nothing will. Everything can be relitigated to death on Fox News by amoral careerists like Cornyn and McConnell. Precisely because it’s going to be a long fight no matter what, you should be in a position of saying: we don’t really have a choice to prosecute this at the highest levels; it’s intolerable, not to us personally but our oath to the Constitution and the rule of law, that a crime family run this country. Our hand is forced; it’s not a personal choice, or a decision we take because we’re in the majority. Once again, the Dems fail to understand that if you advocate for something strongly, everything else being equal public opinion will veer toward your position. Advertising works! If no one is defending your position, then the Axios types will be only too happy to portray as an “extremist-loser” idea that no VSP would want to be caught holding.

  4. “Did Pelosi fold?” I think she did worse than fold: she put the party (or at least the congressional wing) in a position to never be able to fundamentally justify initiating impeachment unless Mueller serves up something cartoonishly unrealistic. There was a pulpit standing in front of her that was both principled and patriotic; and she’s knocked it down.


Impeachment on what grounds? You fools think there is evidence while nothing has been produced! This is the liberal pathogen talking point gone awry on a false narrative that you bought hook line and sinker. By putting forth such arguments and narratives you basically expose your own ignorance and will be the reason you will lose in the end. Its like inventing a new kind of stupidity because your ilk are too afraid to admit the facts.

Its quite simple, Nancy Pelosi decided that Impeachment was not worth it because their (The Democratic Party) plan to use Cohen’s testimony and their Russian conspiracy narrative failed miserably and the majority of the American public didn’t buy it and that there is no evidence.

Your little immature rant is just an exercise in futility predicated in self denial, something most BS supporters are guilty of! Just a bunch of dreamers hoping that someone comes along to pay all your bills that you irresponsibly ran up and want to blame someone and everything will be made better. Do us all a favor, and go back to your self medication and your hallucinogens until you can actually admit the facts, and look in the mirror which most of the left are incapable of doing! Like try living in reality for once in your miserable lives, you might discover a new world if you decided to! Do that instead of overdosing on episodes of “The Young Turds”!


And when your side loses in a landslide, I will wager you will never show your face here again on this forum!


Face it. She is in a position to know the truth about how the charges against Trump were started. She knew it was all bullshit but allowed the witch hunt to go on without comment because it was good for her politics. What she didn’t count on was the number of brain dead gullible people who swallowed the “elected through collusion with Russia” charge hook, line, and sinker. She thought everyone knew it was just politics. Now that she realizes how gullible so many libs are, she is backtracking.


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Why is it Mueller hasn’t acted on all this obvious information???
Exactly what is the compelling information, I haven’t read it. Do you have a pre-release copy of his report?


Exactly. This patriot Mueller would not leave a Russian operative in the oval office one minute, let alone months and years, if he had anything on Trump.


That’s an interesting perspective as it seems the democrat party is in full crazy mode continuing the resist nonsense.

A question, will you be pissed when the decisive nature you have created expands when democrats take the presidency some day?


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I guess all of the indictments and guilty pleas don’t mean anything to you.