Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


Dude, there are interruptions forced by IT sys admins all the time. I work at an aerospace company. Every week they are interrupting our work specifically for security reasons. Hard disk RAID backups should be available to use at any time. You are using the “ask alot of nonsense questions” troll tool now.


That lie was already thrown up on the wall and didn’t stick… like a year ago.


FBI knew that Russia was one of the attackers. And they told DNC. To know that, FBI did a level of forensic analysis.

But a more thorough forensic analysis could… likely would. … have discovered others.

You ignore the fact that the biggest hackers are chinese, noko, Iran. Any of them could have even left tracks that looked like the Russians. An up close analysis of the real files and disk sectors would have revealed that.


In your example,You are talking about security patches… I assume.

But what you are advocating above would almost NEVER happen. You never would take down a production server on purpose because of an forensic investigation. Unless it’s a classified data spill (which you may experience working with Aerospace)

Also… in foresnsics… you never work on the primary drive or device. You ALWAYS work on the forensic copy. Due to chain of custody issues.


You don’t know what you are talking about…

Network monitoring is not forensics. Network monitoring data CAN BE used in a forensic investigation… but network monitoring, in of itself, isn’t forensics.


Stop fucking with me with semantics.
The point was that for maintaining the integrity of elections for our national sovereignty, the FBI had a legitimate role to play in performing the forensic analysis of the DNC server. There would have been even a greater integrity in the chain of custody if the server had been turned over to the FBI instead of some random commercial outfit paid by the DNC.

You tried to refute that with your obfuscation about the FBI not performing that service for other private organizations. But you lost your debate once I brought up the fact that the FBI already had shown interest in this server at this organization and performed what forensics were possible given that the DNC was holding on to the server. Given the severity and consequences of our election process being compromised, taking down the server for a short time to switch over to a clean one loaded with the back up software and data would have been a no brainer among honest people. Such things are done. We know how to do it.

So stop with your obfuscation.


Is it just me or do many of you recognize that too many threads morph into pissing matches between Pragmatic and someone else?


It is their MO…

It is laughing, I’m sure. But my post is there , refuting his nonsense.


The can do forensic investigations but they are not required to do it for a private company.

No. Again you almost never remove power from a server you are investigating. How do you copy volatile memory of the system is off? Answer is you don’t. So you want to forensically copy that data AND keep the server running. You may also choose to turn that server into a honeypot… so you can watch the hackers in action. You also can’t do that with the server removed.

You have no clue what you are talking about

The FBI shows interest in a lot of companies… it does not mean that they do forensic investigations. You are conflating the 2. The FBI warned my company of a state sponsored actor attempting to hack other media companies. We put sensors in place to catch that. IF we had been hacked… we would have used a 3rd party to help.


Do you have anything of value to add?


That is yet another of your asinine, often repeated lines.

^^^^^That^^^^^ is a fact.


That was a general warning. Only you are talking about that… again to obfuscate. I made no reference to such public services even if tailored to a small sector of industry. It is not the same as what FBI was doing for DNC. I stated and emphasized by bolding text that the FBI call to the DNC was not this kind of general warning. It was a warning of an ongoing attack against a specific DNC server by a specific hacker. The FBI does not do THAT for just just anyone. So stop with the nonsense that it was not the FBI’s business.

Post more nonsense troll. But unlike where you crawled out of the woodwork from, this place won’t delete my posts. So the unbiased and open reader will see and read them. Your attempt to hide my posts have failed.

Troll on.


They do this for any company that they notice is being hacked. DNC isn’t special.

Their monitoring is not forensics…


Obfuscate all you want dude.
The DNC was not just some random company. The FBI was monitoring the DNC network and then used forensic techniques to determine ONE of the hackers. Your linked article is not about that.

If the server had been turned over to the FBI for a deeper dive, we would have seen additional hackers revealed.


The Democrats did not want the FBI to know how they screwed Bernie. As always the corrupt democrats have to hide what they are doing


Your questions were irrelevant. The DNC is not a private company.


I love irony. :smile:


You VERY RARELY turn over or conduct forensics on the target/comprised server (aka evidence). Providing the FBI with that server gives less value than taking a foresnsic copy of the volatile and non volatile memory while its powered on in it original place. Also leaving the server allows real time analysis of nefarious activity. You lose valuable data by unplugging and shipping a server.

What part don’t you understand?


They are a non profit… in this context… it’s difference without a distinction


The folks on the left are just starting to have a major freak out knowing that there’s nothing in the Mueller report supporting the charge of “collusion” much less the treason they’ve been accusing Trump and Company of now for nearly three years.

Praying for and pretending that there is something, anything that can be found, anywhere no matter how trivial or old they can use to trump up charges for impeachment is all they have left.

They are hell bent on regaining power and revenge for Hillary’s loss at any cost even if that cost is the loss of the nation.