Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


Did you read my post? Do you have answers to my questions?


You little questionnaire is meaningless! Proving once again trying to derail a thread by something that is not related to the topic here!

LOOK EVERYONE! Pragmatic, the venerable resident Troll strikes again!


What the fuck does that have to do with anything we are discussing? Again, you keep proving my point about your track record of not staying on topic!


Yeah I read it. My statement stands. Do FBI go around investigating crimes that they denied excess to main evidence?


Again… you failed to read the post I replied to. Please stop doing that… you are making yourself look silly.

Go back read the post I replied to and follow the thread. Otherwise don’t reply to me about it… I was addressing another poster.


Didn’t the FBI get a forensically validated copy of the hardware?


Nope. You do it all the time and you did it again! Nobody was talking about about the the DNC server being hacked until you brought it up! It is you that is embarrassing yourself by trying lie about it!

Here are your words


… by Iranians, Chinese, NoKos, … and Russians.


After a third party gone over it.


Don’t waste your time with this lying sack of shit!


They could have used the supposedly forensically identical copy that supposedly was sent to the FBI.

You are reaching… like those who tried to say the server was a virtual server and impossible to analyze. Reach. Lie. Reach. Lie. Repeat.


The FBI called the DNC and warned of a hack. Do most private companies have the FBI’s resources dedicated to protecting them?


Actually, yes - the FBI often warns private companies of cyber attacks.


So, what difference does it make?


So the FBI is doing forensics then.


Yep and what did I respond to? Come on you can do it…


You don’t understand what forensics means in this context.


Oh yes I do. You simply got caught in a lie.


You want a company to use a forensic copy of their server… in production? How would they do that without interrupting production?

Also I believe these were cloud instances. Which have no hardware to give. It’s virtual.


Monitoring for threats… isn’t doing forensics. 2 completely different processes. Stop while you are behind.

Bottom line is the crime is that the DNC was hacked. They were hacked by Russia. Period.