Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


You missed the rest where she supports investigations


Because there is no proof of crimes, the response, Mueller has it.


And exactly where will the tons of evidence come from???


Are you holding your breath???



LOL Hell no…


Glad to hear you’ll be with us.


I thought you were a critical thinker. In what Court (including Congress which has the power to indict (impeach)) is an investigation sufficient grounds to indict?


The Question is where was the proof of a crime to warrant the investigation


Proof? That’s for suckers and criminal investigations. This was all politics from the minute it was started.


Let’s pretend the DNC was never hacked…


If they were hacked why did they refuse to let the FBI to look at their computers


You quoted the wrong poster. You need to watch that shit! :grin:


Might as well. It’s not like the Democrats ever provided any actual evidence of said hack to the FBI and by the time the hack was “revealed” to the public, the (supposedly) affected servers had already been scrubbed. How convenient.


Not to mention the entire Debbie Wasserman Schultz fiasco with the confiscated laptop and Awan Brothers getting off scott free!


What do yo think Muller and 30 million dollars spent has been doing for the last 2 years?


Guess I was correct, post and run never responding to any thing.




Is a private entity required to hand over anything to the FBI if they are hacked?

When most private companies are hacked, do they have the FBI do forensics or a 3rd party, like mandiant?

Did the FBI recieve a certified, forensically validated, report and data from the DNC?

Does the FBI, or any forensic investigator, require physical hard drives in order to do their jobs?


If the DNC handed over their server, how would they have been able to continue working?

When Equi-fax was hacked, do you think they just stopped their business and physically gave the servers to the FBI and just waited patiently for them to be returned before conitning on with their business?


Oddly enough I thought this Russian collusion started with hack server…but yet libs never gave/turn over to FBI the main piece of evidence.