Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


Are you forgetting… those tapes cleared Trump.


what was his exact words?


He had nothing to be cleared of…

He is just on tape discussing with Cohen the payments that he apparently knew not about. He lied about that. However that, in of itself, isn’t a crime. It just goes to the heart of his credibility.

The crime is that the payments were used to effect the outcome of the election.


Because its a double standard being applied here.

For crimes that had nothing to do with Trump, and many years prior in which he committed those crimes. That is a big difference.

I would if the same law and justice was applied to Hillary Clinton, Obama and his cronies.

Brennen, Clapper lied under oath, did they receive the same justice doled out to Flynn? How about Comey lying under oath? Loretta Lynch? Eric Holder being held in contempt to cover up the Fast and the Furious scandal? How about Susan Rice, Samantha Powers for abusing FISA unmasking protocols to spy on their adversaries? You think that doesn’t deserve accountability? I could go on with many more examples, but what would be the point? You would only try to be obtuse and make excuses about it anyway as opposed to actually admit that these are far more egregious crimes than what you are trying prop up with Manafort and Flynn.


Can you provide proof that the election results were affected? Or is this your speculation?


Pelosi is making a realistic assessment – that if impeachment cannot result in conviction it amounts to a political stunt, and that impeachment without conviction can backfire on the party in control of the House. On the one hand she could have been more nuanced in her language; on the other, I suspect that she’s trying to shut down the persistent distraction of calls for impeachment in a context in which conviction simply will not occur, and that in doing so it was likely that she was eventually going to do so in a manner that others could contend used language that was too dismissive. Meanwhile, nothing Pelosi has stated suggests that she would not forge ahead with impeachment if the facts warrant that move.

If people disagree with Pelosi, and want to impeach Trump even though he will be acquitted in the Senate, they have every right to hold that opinion and to try to make their case. But that’s politics.


Can you name one Democrat that doesn’t lie? You are so precious with your narrative!


Nor advising the FBI.


I don’t buy the whole “backfire” argument. The “backfire” has nothing to do with whether a President is convicted in the Senate. Impeachment “backfires” when it’s done without evidence of “high crimes or misdemeanors”, e.g. when its about a blow job in the oval office – and if the GOP had been successful and convicted Clinton, there would have been just as much “backfire” as there was when they failed.

If Trump is impeached, and the Senate does not convict, it’s the GOP that will suffer the consequences, because there will be tons of evidence of Trump’s crimes made available, and the voters will know it.


Why does it matter? Would you want a car thief working with teh president? Or bernie madoff? I mean, those crimes have nothing to do with trump…

And re: Clinton - you demand proof of others that trump should be investigated, and then simply declare clinton should be investigated…Come on…Trump has had his DOJ for two years, and no one has pursued clinton et al…why? Because trump appointed deep state operatives? He’s that dumb? Or maybe because there are no real crimes to investigate…


You are obfuscating again! And not answering my question. Will you admit that a double standard is being practiced here? Yes or no?

Why does it matter? I think I sufficiently answered that question already! Check your reading comprehension!


Sorry - which one? I think I have lost the thread…which question are you looking for a direct answer to - be happy to re-read.


What crimes?..


I think some on the left is setting themselves up to use the excuse that there isn’t enough to tear the country apart…for good of country like they have our country best interest at heart.

Our job is to keep firing up there radicalize base.

Start calling Nancy Dr Pelosi…she created a monster that she can no longer control. :rofl:




I have been asking the same question. At least Hollowman answered it directly, but these other jokers are just delusional hipsters forgetting to change their bong water. Must be that Crypt they’re smoking!


Personally I hope you leftist nuts continue the impeachment narrative, it plays right into Trump’s hands. Meanwhile former Obama people will be facing legal jeopardy and it will be worth the price of admission seeing you morons cry some more!


Tired old left-wing talking point.

Try offering something new…anything. Entertain us please.


We could also wait for hell to freeze over and you pretty much get the same results. Like if a liberal were to run in a circle at the speed of light they might actually be able to sodomize themselves. Seems par for the course given the nature of your strawman narrative!


I’m still waiting on that tons of evidence.

I can always back my large truck up and you can load it you want.