Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


That is where you are wrong! The IRS has an enforcement wing to bring charges to anyone who violates the law! Big swing and a miss on that one!


And? How does that change that someone with the legal authority to investigate them already have them? Hell no doubt Mueller has them as well at this point.


According to this authorization letter from Rosenstain himself, gives Mueller such authority!


Proof that Manafort, stone, Papa, et al. committed real crimes? The proof is in the convictions and the trials and the testimony and the grand jury indictments.


I don’t think it’s fair to say there is proof, but there certainly is enough evidence to investigate.

More broadly, I agree with you - there has been no proof that Trump has committed a crime. But many, many people who work for and advise him 100% have committed serious crimes.

So, if the Mueller investigation does nothing else, it brought justice to many people surrounding our president.


You are obfuscating my question. Please go back reread my question. I am not talking about Manafort, and Papa, and BTW Stone has not been convicted of anything, but nice of you to find him guilty before he has had his day in court! How so liberal of you!

You say there is enough evidence, yet you can not provide such evidence, (proof and evidence are synonymous terms in this context) It is hearsay and you are just repeating what has been told to you from your media pundits. Provide the proof that this evidence exists!

Again, I will ask this question. What crime has Trump committed that you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that would be enough to convict him in a court of law?


Yeah right. Manfort’s case had nothing to do with Russian collusion and Papadopulous lied to the FBI as did Mike Flynn. Small potatoes and a low bar to reach in the grander schemes of things. In Manafort’s case his crimes were committed long before he was associated with the Trump campaign.

I can list plenty of worse crimes committed by Obama and his people that makes Trump and associates look like saints, but funny you don’t seem to want to mention that right?


Ahhh… if you can generalize your posts with "cons do this " and “cons to that”, don’t act offended that we treat you like a standard issue, 1 each, Progressive Lib, olive drab.


You won’t do that because then you would be a hypocrite.


Oh that is rich coming from you! You represent the party of hypocrisy! Its Ok to level accusations without a shred of evidence but when there is actual evidence of Obama and his people committing treason suddenly I am a hypocrite? Yeah OK! You just jumped the shark on that one! Can you be any more ignorant?


Pointing out a double standard is not hypocrisy.


If you had “actual evidence” then you should provide it to the authorities.

But first provide it here…

BTW there is evidence that Trump knew about the hush money payments and lied about it. Cohens checks… Cohen audio taped conversation about the payment.

However whether Trump will be impeached for that is unknown.


I suspect Pelosi internal polls showed that impeaching Trump is a lose lose situation, impeaching a guy because they hate him and what he stands for is not a sufficient reason to impeach

Its really simple , either you have Trump Dead to rights or you don’t?

Just because you indicted those close to Trump doesn’t mean Trump is guilty

and If Mueller had anything on him you can bet your ass he would have brought it forward

The southern district of New York can grandstand all they want, people nowadays are smart enough ( minus the Democratic Socialists) to know the difference between bullshit and a witch hunt to actual crimes being committed


The corruption is on the left bud. So is the racism.


Again that is not a crime, you are reaching, besides that is protected under client Attorney priviledge, so another accusation. Try again little one! I asked for evidence of the crimes you accused him of doing. I wont acquiesce to your demands until you admit you have no evidence to support your accusations!


because Cohen said so? you do remember that Cohen apologized to a senate panel for lying to congress, so his credibility is shot to pieces.


Notice I mentioned the checks and the audio tape. I made no reference to Cohens testimony. Oh and Rudy Giuliani admitted that Trump knew.


None - sorry - I thought you were referring to the incestigation in general.


but why does that matter???

A man who was running our president’s campaign, working for foreign interests was investigated by Mueller, found to be a criminal, and sentenced.

Others who lied under oath were similarly found guilty.

Aren’t you glad that people who lie under oath, and work for foreign interests illegally are no longer advising our president?


What proof will you offer?