Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?



“Illegality” That’s not the only thing that one can discern from a tax return.


The bastard casino owner took me for a thousand dollar in Atlantic City. But that has nothing to do with President Trump. Nothing.


Because foreign entities hacking into the computers of a Political Party to influence an election is the business of the FBI.


“ Comey later added that “there was evidence of hacking directed at state-level organizations, state-level campaigns, and the RNC, but old domains of the RNC, meaning old emails they weren’t using. None of that was released.”

Comey said there was no sign "that the Trump campaign or the current RNC was successfully hacked."

In other words, there was nothing for the FBI to investigate.


Oh well if Comey said so… :roll_eyes:

I mean this is the same Comey who said Clinton did nothing wrong. This is also the same Comey who admitted leaking memos to “his friend” in the press. Clearly, his judgement is impeccable and whatever he says should be taken at face value without question. :laughing:


According to who? “Influencing our election” isn’t even illegal. If it were, several members of the previous admin would be sitting in prison for “influencing the election” in Israel. Not to mention that if it were illegal, by extension, lobbying would also be illegal, which it isn’t and likely never will be.



It can be illegal for foreign gov’ts to interfere in our elections.

The US interferes in foreign elections with great regularity. We don’t hold ourselves to the same standards we hold others to.


Why do you need his tax returns when you can use Mueller’s proof of Trump’s collusion with the Russians to impeach him?

Oh… THAT’S right. Mueller came up empty on that lie, didn’t he? So now you are scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for SOMETHING to accuse Trump of. TDS. Pure TDS.


And you nor anyone else has a legal responsibility to provide a tax return for pubic consumption.

The only thing one can decree from demanding to see someone else tax return is they chose to beat them to death over their income, the amount of taxes they paid.
If there is anything illegal on his tax return, past or present the IRS would have dealt with it PERIOD.

Don’t you trust the IRS a democrat weapon for justice? Referencing of course Lois Lerner.


Oh boy :joy::joy:

How would you rebuild an recover the data in your lab on the physical hardware? Remember once you remove more than 1 disk… your data is lost. Doesn’t matter if you do it sequentially or unsequentially.


Of course it matters. You are doubling down on your make-believe knowledge.
With one disk removed, all the data is there to rebuild that one disk. Once the first is rebuilt, another disk can be removed and all the data required to rebuild it is there. Once the second is rebuilt… etc.

Assuming you are a manager, as you said you were… now I see why. Those who really understand get promotion and salary even beyond their manager’s. Those who dont really understand … become managers.

You are here


You keep digging this hole :joy::joy::joy:

If you have 16 disks… let’s make this easy for you… each disk ha 1tb of space. In a raid 5 configuration… your volume would be 16tb (16 disk + 1tb each).

Are you still with me?? Ok…

If you remove 15 disks… where does that 15tb of data go? Can 15tb fit on the last 1tb disk?


Not entirely accurate.

If for example some one is paid 100k a year and duly reports the income and pays all appropriate taxes, that would be all well and good as far as the IRS is concerned.

However if the fbi learned that was a no show job gained from a mob scam, they might well need the tax return to corroborate their accusation.


No, the irs would not be able to find everything. For example if someone reports their gains from an illegal insider trading operation…the irs would not be able to find that.


If you are a manager, please talk to your RAID subject matter experts. Maybe they will have the patience to explain to you how all fully functional and uncorrupted disks in a RAID configuration can be replaced… SEQUENTIALLY, rebuilding each one that you remove before you remove another. Dont fire them for being smarter than you. But you might be embarrassed that they know more than you.




Ohhhh so you are suggesting that a forensic investigator wait weeks to examine drives because he must wait hours or even days for each drive to rebuild before he removes another one? Ok…

And then you want that same investigator to rebuild the raid configuration in their lab? Do you understand the risks involved in rebuilding a raid array? Any mistake… corruption in disk… hardware etc would mean complete data loss? Also you would need an image of the raid structure… which means you would have to be ok with an image and not the original configuration

(But that is why you make a copy/backup of the data)

If you go there then you are saying that a copy of the data is acceptable in an investigation… which I what I have been saying this whole time.

Then you want that person conduct forensics on the original disk?


If you are going to have oral sex with your strawman, please do it in private.


Whatever grounds congress says. Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process. But as long as trump holds captive his 40% of America and near 90% of republicans, the GOP controlled senate is never going to impeach him. And I’m becoming increasingly concerned that his own party won’t primary him, no one with the stones…