Why is everyone misquoting Pelosi?


Except it was a data rich resource basically controlled by a presidential candidate in a sovereign state.

So stop your bullshiting.


This is not the case here. Stop the bullshit. You can never rely on the volatile memory being useful…because… it’s volatile.


Or how about the way they did the “investigation” of Hillary - giving everyone below her in the food chain immunity, like the IT guy who deleted those emails. If it was Trump’s IT guy, they’d have had him in the hot seat until he told who instructed him to delete the emails. Hillary’s IT guy got immunity and then amnesia.


For the record, the Republicans were hacked too. Unlike with the Democrats though, Obama didn’t order the FBI to investigate. Anyone wonder why that is?


So now you are guessing they used raid 5. You think that helps your case? You can sequentially hot swap each and every drive in a raid 5 configuration. Thus your previous bullshit about down time is … now just more bullshit you threw up on the wall and it did not stick.


It’s about Pelosi and her statement on the impeachment of Trump. I was talking about the that and replying to someone who was confused about the crime that was committed by the Russians prior to the election.


What an asinine thing to say… do tell… why isn’t a forensically captured image of the volatile memory valuable when investigating a hack?


Oh here we go again… you have zero clue. Just stop.


Yes, because that’s the crime everyone else was referring to. :roll_eyes: More of your bullshit. This is why I didn’t bother responding to your “questions” the first time.


So you are saying that in a raid configuration… you can take 1 drive for a forensic investigation? How do you know which 1?


^waste of bandwidth^


Be nice to have an ignore feature so we don’t have to see his posts!


Nope . I said you can take them all… sequentially.


When the hack was days or a week ago, your server (for a group like the DNC) was likely rebooted at least once. They are not a service that some customers are relying on to always be up. Volatile memory from the time of the attack is gone.




He’s been “investigating” as long as his Vietnam service lasted. He a Marine… doesn’t fuck around… unless he’s just milkin’ it because there is nothing to the Trump collusion lie.


She hasn’t got the first clue. The whole point of a raid system is so that if your primary harddrive goes down you lose basically nothing and continue on immediately after swapping drives.


He WAS arguing a little while ago that it was not physical server but a cloud server. Now he’s imagined a RAID system. It really does not matter. The FBI could have performed forensic analysis using cloud forensic methods or using the physical server and discs. But the DNC did not give permission.

He/she/it has been twisting and turning and reaching every which way to justify why the DNC could not give the FBI access.


Trump is not a crook. You heard it here.


What do you think you do?