Why is Everyone Against Socialism?

You know, the fact that the Useful Idiots of old were perfectly willing to downplay and excuse the ongoing crimes of socialism really does demonstrate that they weren’t really opposed to HUAC in principal but only because it was being used against them and not as something to hammer their opponents with.

Something this generationis eager to do, not only to use whatever means lay at hand to hammer/dox/bully those who oppose them but also to lay into any who dare not conform enough, as happened not too long ago when one radical feminist dared be TERF.

With ordinary communism it took strongmen and their apparatchiks to oppress nations but with these that the Cultural Marxist of old have crapped out into society they eagerly oppress each other and not just those opposed to therm. Stalin must have never dreamed of Useful Idiots quite like these.

He’d have them all shot the moment they were in his power.

The argument is, “Socialism is the best political system, it just hasn’t been implemented correctly/fully.” As if they know how to best implement socialism, vs. Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, et al.

Liberals do NOT give hope! Liberals give defeat!!

“You can’t take care of yourself, the government has to do that for you!” is their mantra!”

We are born, we face hurdles, and we die!

There are two types of people. The people who jump their hurdles and the people that cry in front of their hurdles. The people who jump their hurdles get stronger and those who cry in front of them remain weak.

Liberals want to use government to remove all the hurdles.
THAT is not hope!!!

Hope is, “You can do anything you set your mind to and you don’t need government to take care of you!”

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Oh ok gotcha. At any rate, true socialism, with government control of the means of production, is not to be sought after, nor what Sanders has been promoting.

Doesn’t matter what Sanders is promoting, its all a lie as he is a known hypocrite and liar yet you bought the lie by trying to convince us that what his policies are is a new concept! You and many others here have been duped to not fully realize, nor comprehend what the actual substance of who and what Sanders is selling you! Sheeps and Wolves!

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And communism is not socialism and nothing at all like what Sanders is promoting…

So the Left have been Menshevics? Should I be impressed by their restraint?

Same underlying principals and assumptions about the preeminence of government and the ability of people to get by without solutions authored by their betters.

In fact fascism (which is bad enough to begin with) shares these same basic views but is, in not demanding wealth redistribution, the most moderate form of the whole sack of piggy poo.

You will not find Classical American Liberalism anywhere in the arc that stretches from fascism through socialism to communism.

But Sanders isn’t promoting anything like any of that. Merely an expansion of what already is. For example, most people presumably do not oppose government funded primary education. Sanders envisions expanding that to higher education as well. But he hasn’t advocated dismantling capitalism or giving the control of the means of production to government…

What already is is already too much.

We need to be throwing progressivism on the trash heap of history, not expanding on it.

Well I realize that there is that opinion. But I was just making a demarcation between socialism, communism, and what Sanders actually is promoting…

Again you keep saying that, but the more you keep repeating the more we are to believe that you really don’t understand the actual meanings nor his platform. No matter how many different people you try to respond to for the sake of reinforcing the walls of your safe space, doesn’t detract from your failure to delve more deeply into this topic to elucidate the specifics! Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed socialists and it was only until recently he develop into a chameleon like approach to change his tume in order to exploit the younger voters such as you who are ignorant on the topic or of his particular political animal nature to know any better. You ultimately fail on substance alone!

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Oh yeah Socialism is great :roll_eyes: just ask anyone in Venezuela who once lived in the richest and most prosperous country in South America 25 years ago but now they are reduced to eating their pets after they devoured the Zoo animals. They were promised utopia but got socialist dystopia & misery instead.


sanders is full of shit, he tells you that he doesn’t want to eliminate private enterprises ( in the short term) but he wants to bring them under greater democratic control

What exactly does that mean?

Social ownership is what they strive for, they reject central planning but is for democratic planning
please tell us what is the difference?


You are too far gone. You cannot be saved through a debate in an Internet discussion Forum.


Thank you for this post. I had not actually looked up the definition of Socialism, I merely looked at the political party (in the UK) and its modus operandi. They are labelled socialists and the current (not in power) leadership has already stated that it will ensnare the main infrastructure providers when it returns to power.

The aspect of free education at the lowest level is a no-brainer. It contributes directly to the overall productivity of a country and has little to do with socialism. You only have to go to parts of Africa, where there is none, to see the benefit. Give a native some written instructions on how to build and use a latrine and he will continue to shit in the bushes. Instruct them how to secure a clean water supply and they will still suffer with cholera and other nasty stuff.

An extreme example perhaps, but an obvious cause.

Communism cannot work because it discounts such things as laziness, overachievers, greed, and sloth, intelligence and avarice.

Absent humans it would be a fine strategy for say a colony of robots.

Socialism is the means to an end. The end goal of socialism is it’s “perfection” which is Communism according to it’s own founder.

The gov’t is already largely in control of the means of production. Ownership is rapidly becoming irrelevant as we steadily increase the power of gov’t to regulate every aspect of business and our lives.

Capitalism is not under any threat, but if you can’t see the value in regulation, or miss the very human nature of greed I can see how you might think so.

Greed is expecting other people to pay your bills and provide for your every need while contributing little or nothing to the nation other than more mouths to feed.