Why is Everyone Against Socialism?

Why are the majority of people on this board against socialism?

  1. Provides free education, training, and housing
  2. This allows people time for relationships, sex, children, family, etc.
  3. Birth rates do not decrease like in capitalism
  4. Less abortions than capitalism because young mothers can afford to raise a child
  5. Government provided jobs for everyone
  6. Elderly are taken care of but are not allowed to hoard wealth and resources
  7. Society engages in basic science research and engineering so that we can all reach a fully automated luxury era instead of just the elites living in paradise while we are left with nothing.

Capitalism has stagnated. Not a single major invention has happened in 40 years. Internet, Computer, Nuclear, Jet Engine, Microwave, were all invented under government funding.

Why exactly are you all against socialism? Oh, that’s right, because “blacks” and “muslims” will benefit from it just like other human beings.

The lot of you would rather be white and poor than lose your racial identity and become one great people that colonize space, have lots of sex, and make lots of babies

The elites will never even give you fascism–you will get an oligarchy.

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Nothing is free especially under socialism, particularly those living under it.

You give up most of your freedom if nothing else for the promise of freebies.

As for more babies, we’re overpopulated already.

Cut the world’s population by 2/3 or 3/4 and virtually all our problems would be eliminated.

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Do you not count the rapid advancements in technology that have taken place over the last 40 years as a sign that capitalism is alive and well? The first computers took up entire sections of buildings. Now they fit in your pocket. This was the result of capitalism and innovation, not government intervention.


Firstly, if most people think about it, no one is opposed to ‘socialism’ par say. What I am opposed to is ‘forced’ socialism. People work together voluntarily on projects of common interest all the time. People in communities volunteer to work community’s projects, give to charity that suits their sensibility and even vote for pooling funds for a common good. Now, I know that we live in a representative republic and delegate this responsibility to others but when they spend monies on things that are not for the common good or worse yet are contrary to the common good then they are no longer being particularly ‘representative’ and the money spent no longer reflects the voluntary goals or ambitions of the people the ‘represent’.

I would like for you to work with me here since it was you who brought up the glories of socialism with a list of all of the positives. I would like you to tell me which countries you find have flourished under the socialist model. But please don’t do as many do by saying that ‘if only THIS were different or that were different, they would have been a success’ and tell me about the success of socialist states in the context of ‘freedom’… how many socialist states have a population that is truly free.

When you think about it ‘communisim ’ is(was) a true ‘ism’ in the that it was a coherent doctrine for governing this world. It had its promises, and it failed in delivering them. Capitalism, on the other hand, is distinctly not an “ism”. It is no doctrine to manage the world but an evolving ecosystem, constantly coping with threats to its own survival, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much… And yet “capitalism” succeeded over the game of communism. Anyone paying attention realises that socialism has killed millions while capitalism has enriched billions.

At anyrate… this thing about perceived efficiency of your government model and all the fine things government spending has brought us.

Bill Gates was asked which was more inept government funded projects or private venture funding and he made this rather curious reply:

“Yes, the government will be somewhat inept but the private sector is in general inept. How many companies do venture capitalists invest in that go poorly? By far most of them.”

It might have occurred to Gates that the venture capitalists end up investing in so many ventures that go poorly because the poor performance gets quickly exposed by the private sector’s harsh system of profit-and-loss. With no comparable way to expose its own ineptitude, government is free to keep throwing good money after bad on failed ventures, thus leaving Gates the impression that it is only ‘somewhat inept.’

I do agree with you in one respect however, Americans must be vigilant about the people who are actually pulling the strings in our country… the people OR the rich and powerful behind the scenes… as recent e-mail hacks have shown our dear Hillary and the benevolent George Soro’s appear to be some of the worst. I think that the people of this country are starting to wake up from a long comfort induced lethargy… We just have to be extra careful that when Donald Trump assumes the reins of power in Washington that we haven’t let a fox in amongst the hens…

These days, we are always told that elections are about the future, not the past. And that’s true, but it’s also true that past performance is the best single indicator of future performance… and the progressive left hasn’t delivered much of what they talk about … in fact much has been quite the reverse…

What is that phrase about someones desires verses their abilities (speaking about socialists Utopians here):… “Alligator eyes and a hummingbird ass…”.


No you don’t speak for me and your presumptions about people on why they may be against socialism speaks volumes about your limited thinking!

Socialism has already proven to have failed and history is replete with its examples! The people like you who advocate for all these free things and for socialism is nothing more than your illusions convincing you into thinking that a political solution will solve your problems! Reality is, it is an easy way out to mask your failures because your afraid to discover yourself by solving your own problems!

Here is a thought!

There are no political solutions, the only solution is you!

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“The reason socialism has not worked is because I have not been the dictator.” What arrogance.

Research costs MONEY and someone has to work to provide that money or YOUR MONEY TREE DIES ! SMH :grimacing::roll_eyes:


There is a MONUMENTAL difference between socialism & social services. Do some readin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Socialism produces bad music, bad art, social stagnation, and really unhappy people.” Frank Zappa

You know nothing of free will and the human need to be respected instead of forced.

The birthrate point is all horseshit too.



You put a lot of work into trying to answer your own question, but just ended up looking like a misinformed chump.

Capitalism drives progress. Socialism produces stagnation. Why create the newest and best thing when there’s no reward?

Answer: You wouldn’t. That’s why people are against socialism. Read more books in your mom’s basement.


Venezuela is a woeful reminder that no country is so rich that it can’t be driven into the ground by revolutionary socialism.


The big Bugaboo is creeping gradualism. You ignore anything not directly affecting you ; and then you wake up one morning and say: What The Fuck Happened. But by then it’s often too late. It’s pick at he foundation of capitalism, a litlle here , a little there; so it goes unnoticed.

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Socialism does not encourage development.

If a new business wants to be recognized, it has to do something better than its competitors, either by being cheaper, faster, more effective, etc.

Let’s say there is a factory in a socialist country that produces one type of car, that can be produced relatively efficiently, but is not very fuel efficient, nor comfortable, nor fast, nor safe.

Now, is there a reason to improve on any of those characteristics? Of course not. The factory gets an order from higher up that it has to produce X amount of cars from Y amount of resources in Z amount of years to avoid trouble, and that’s it.

The factory has no idea whether the people are satisfied with the car, and it doesn’t even care, and that’s the case with virtually any good being produced in a country like that.


I did not have an easy life. I worked very hard for what I have, paid many many dues; but I have self respect.

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I’m sure those orders came from the people who are driving Mercedes.

All great posts thus far but one thing that has not been touched upon directly, although it has clearly been presented indirectly is the sharing/redistribution of “wealth” which is the linchpin of socialist theory.

Wealth is already shared and redistributed among the workers in capitalism. It’s called payment.

Shareholders get money, because they made an initial investment (by buying shares), that helped the company to grow and increase its profits.

The rest of the money usually goes into further development. (new products, factories, marketing, etc.) and the cycle repeats.

So, the central argument of socialism already exists under capitalism - but it is the people deciding to make the payments and share the wealth with one another…not the government.


Besides the fact that socialism is the great leveler. The way to ensure that all people are unexceptional and leaves absolutely no reason to excel and go the next step. The best doctor would become the mediocre person who wanted to try something different instead of being the best and the brightest.

And there is the little issue if no one wants to pay for the FREE education, the FREE healthcare, the FREE housing. Someday you will finally learn that nothing is free in life including that little 20+ trillion dollar burden that will someday come due.

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Michael, Democracy is the only government by the people , of the people and FOR the people. Socialists governments always create a “ruling class” and voting becomes a sham. No matter how bad any particular administration gets in the US…we always have an opportunity to change it 4 years later. In a Democracy, as we have in America, when it seems to “fail” it is always the fault of the populous, the complacent citizens, the uninvolved citizens. We are given every opportunity to exact change by design. When that doesn’t happen it is our fault alone. Thank God our founding fathers were such visionaries. The ability to change our world has always been with us. Get to work.

PS - population growth is not necessarily a good thing.

@Michael those in this thread who are against socialism are failing to realize that they are living a quasi-socialist existence if they have:

  1. a state sponsored retirement plan.
  2. a state sponsored welfare plan or health insurance plan.
  3. police or fire depts…
  4. public works
  5. public education
  6. state run libraries or museums.
  7. state college grants

Unless everyone here is willing to forgo all of those things and more, you are benefitting from socialism.


You must be one of the unemployed proletariat millenials

Most of you are clueless when it comes to economics
let me tell you why socialism doesn’t work
whether it state run or Karl Marx’s version of workers rule

Nothing is free, whether it housing, training, education, someone is paying for it
if its the government than they rape the citizens, in a capitalist society they rape those who earn a wage/salary

All we have to do is look at Russia as an example, prior to the USSR collapsing, the government built houses and apartment, starting with Stalin and then Khrushchev
Today people are free to own property, by the way 1 in 4 Russians dont have a toilet or running water
Going back to the Socialist days of the USSR.

Healthcare under Russia was crap after 1970, in Mao’s China, a lot of black market medical devices and practitioners popped up, as there werent enough doctors

In Cuba they have a record number of state doctors quitting and working in tourist industries as they earn more, a taxi driver in Cuba can earn more than state doctor.

In the former USSR most people worked, why? there were “parasite laws” if you didnt work, you were jailed, we love to do that here and get the lazy loafs off of welfare who abuse the system

Government provided jobs yes, forced jobs

Hording wealth? only the rulers of the socialist state hoards the wealth, Chinese Politboro leaders live well, so did the Leaders of the former Soviet union, East Germany and other communist states

Castro lived well, so did Hugo Chavez champion of the poor, after his death his daughter inherited his “fortune” imagine that and she is a billionaire, so how is that possible?

In North Korea, the fat porky bastard lives well meanwhile people outside of Pyongyang lives like those on little house on the prairie

Capitalism has not stagnated it has it hands tied because of government and losers like you who would rather steal from the productive like me and redistribute to losers who dont care to work hard

you have a lot to learn grasshopper .