White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


This thread got way derailed. Blacks are a menace to society and shouldn’t be trusted.


Racial hatred has no bounds.


Boomers with their 1960s peace and love bullshit got us into this mess.



Kinda sad so many of you have a problem with reality.


No, mostly it was LBJ’s, “War on Poverty”.


Whites commit 70% of all crime.

If you are white and a crime victim there’s a 56% chance the criminal is white vs a 13% chance they will be black.



Hispanic is a race.

For example, the Canadian race is superior to the Hispanic race that resides in the United States. :rofl:


Hispanic is not White and will never be White no matter how much Jewish diversity jargon gets thrown around. This observation is apparent from appearance and mental capability. They need to go back.


There are only three recognized races, Hispanics are Caucasian. It has nothing to do with “Jewish Diversity Jargon” whatever the hell that 's supposed to be.


93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.


That’s probably pretty accurate. From the numbers I posted above 63% of all violent crimes perpetrated on blacks are committed by blacks.


Sure. It’s the exact reason why my argument to the black community is "Do you want us to leave black offenders alone and leave their victims with no justice, or do you want justice for their victims? You can’t have both. We either arrest guilty black men and jail them or the victim gets no justice and crime gets worse and worse. . . My response was to your comment below:

Are you disputing the stats ? :exploding_head: 13% of the population committing over 90% of the crime in the USA .

That’s not accurate at all.


Interesting stats… assuming they’re correct, a few stick out to me, in spite of the media narrative…

13.7% of white victims are assaulted by blacks, or a total of 560,600 victims.
10.4% of black victims are assaulted by whites, or a total of 99,403 victims.

Considering the disparity of whites -vs- blacks in this nation, having ~5 times as many victims assaulted by blacks is pretty substantial. That means that 13% of the population is victimizing 60% of the population far more than the 60% is attacking them.

Take it to the population…

There were 233,657,078 white Americans according to the 2016 population estimate.
There were 40,241,818 black Americans.

That means 1.39% of black people victimized a white person in this chart while 0.04% of white people victimized a black person in the chart. That means blacks were 32.75 times more likely to attack a white person than a white person attacking a black… and we’re supposed to believe we’re the problem… Here’s the fun part though… how many blacks were attacked by blacks? 594,508 blacks were victims of violent attacks by other black people. That means that 1.48% of black people victimized a black person. Seems blacks don’t really discriminate in who they attack, though with 5X the population, seems like they victimize blacks more than whites. How many whites attacked by whites? 2,291,504 or 0.98%. So nearly 1% of whites attack other whites in violent attacks while only attacking blacks 0.04% of the time… That’s a really odd statistic, don’t you think? I wonder if BLM has ever seen those stats. . . or if they would give a damn if they did.


BLM is never interested in facts.


Just putting figures to it, I’m honestly stunned that 1.4% of the black population assaulted white people. That’s 1400 out of 100,000 That’s an amazing figure and might explain why black people get more attention from the police. That’s just one year! In contrast, 40 out of 100,000 whites attacked blacks. Maybe someone can check my math because it just seems amazingly high to me.


Black’s commit violent crimes at 7x the rate of whites. Murder if I remember right is about 4x higher.

It’s acceptable to the inner city culture, even lauded and admired.


According to your link… they’re 11.12X more likely to commit a violent crime than a white person and you’re correct, most of the crime is on their own race. I do know if your link was accurate (I believe it is), I’m done listening to black people whine about being the victims of white people when they’re almost 33 times a likely to attack a white as a white is to attack a black person. :wink:


Well i’m certain most assaults never get reported by whites . There are areas where white know they will be assaulted if walking around the hood .

Baltimore, MD – N Monroe St / W Lanvale St
Baltimore, MD – E Biddle St / N Broadway
Baltimore, MD – N Monroe St / Westwood Ave
Baltimore, MD – Eastern Ave / S Bethel St


It’s amazing what we tolerate and pretend doesn’t exist because we’re afraid of being called a racist.