White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


April 4, 1994

Location: Dallas,TX

Victim(s): James Loyd Armstrong 26

Attacker(s): Leon David Dorsey IV

Description: Dorsey walked into a Blockbuster Video store in Dallas,TX and forced James and a coworker to empty the register. After getting the money, he directed them to the back office, where he demanded James open the safe, shooting him when he had trouble getting it open . He then shot James’ coworker when he tried to run, before shooting James a second time .

He got away with $392.

Archive.is Link(s):

Dorsey is executed 8-12-2008


Dorsey’s clark prosecutor entry.


Dorsey’s TX death row info.


James’ find a grave memorial.



Dorsey’s execution report page 1 of 2.


Dorsey’s execution report page 2 of 2.


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Happy to see that they executed this waste of space. Killed a young white man for $392.00.

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There’s no evidence race played any role in this murder so why try and make an issue of it now?

90% of crime perpetrated by whites and blacks is perpetrated against people of their own race.

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You are so right! Why make it about race when we know that blacks commit the majority of violent crime in America - despite only making up 13% of the population.


Your stat’s don’t show that it’s a racial issue.

Blacks are concentrated in the poorest inner city neighborhoods in the country where of course the crime rates are the highest. 90% of their crimes are committed against other blacks, not whites.

It’s a poverty and and cultural issue, not racial.

They aren’t my stats - they are from the Department of Justice / Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The stats provided do in fact show the differences based upon race. That’s how they we’re categorized and tabulated by DOJ/FBI.

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Name one successful black country.

They don’t show race as a “factor” they simply show the race of perpetrators.

The stat’s for whites who live in poverty in the inner cities look just as bad.



Go back sixty years when less than 10% of black children were born into single parent homes and before the welfare system destroyed the black family and the stat’s are turned upside down.

The highest risk factors for kids growing up and becoming criminals are poverty, single parents, and zip code.

The same is true for kids of all races.

When you are raised to believe the world owes you just because you were born and no respect for property rights you’re one step away from becoming a criminal regardless of race.

Poverty =/= crime necessarily by itself. Crime, however, can perpetuate poverty. People who were once middle class but fall into poverty don’t start committing crimes at crazy rates. Values help to predict crime rates.
Also, even if you normalize for household income, African Americans still overrepresent themselves in crime stats. The biggest problem the African American community has is single motherhood.

And I made no such statement. Read the words I used again carefully and employ the use of a dictionary if needed so you can understand them. The culture of the innercity accepts criminality as the norm and a majority of the kids produced there have at least one incarcerated parent and/or grandparent.

Dugs, gangs, and the violence associated with both are acceptable in their culture not frowned upon like they are by the rest of us.


Your post is straight out of leftist fantasy land. For example, black sons of millionaires are the most likely to end up poor. Blacks have no notion of responsability or savings. Every person who has ever actually had to work with them comes out despising them no matter how liberal they were when they began. Only liberals in gated neighborhoods believe throwing money and opportunity at blacks will solve the problem. Races aren’t the same. Even when comparing other races, Asians will always be smarter even when raised by other races. Blacks will always be more violent and less productive.

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Get it right for a change !!! You meant to say 95% crimes against blacks are by blacks !!!
Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.
It’s an uncomfortable truth but blacks commit crimes at nearly five times the rate that whites do. And blacks make up 13% of the population . And the media and liberals love to lump Latinos as WHITE !


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For once you and I are in agreeance , shocking.

I dont see a racial thing here, I see a douchebag scum who happens to be black shoot innocent people who happen to be white.

Now if the guy said he did it because he hates whites, I would agree race played a factor and I hear the shooter was executed.

I say "good riddance " and one less scumbag that feeds off the tax payers

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Crime is pretty high in the appalachians too, crime is pretty high in any area that houses poor people, why do you think ISIS and radical groups have no problem in recruiting people.

Black liberal areas have high crime rate but that is what feeds the Democrat Party machine.
Most conservatives blacks lives in areas where there are a mixed bag of races there are a few places where there are blacks who are well off with other blacks like Wheatley heights New York, or Olympia fields , Illinois

And most of them vote Republican, coincidence?

Well that’s a steaming pile. It doesn’t matter how much money you pour into schools if the kids don’t show up, don’t want to learn, won’t do homework and spend their off time running with gangs they aren’t going to learn and they will fail miserably.

As for your claim that the sons of black millionaires are the most likely to end up in poverty that’s just complete BS. To begin with there aren’t enough of them to make a statistically significant sample and secondly there’s absolutely no factual basis for the claim.

White, black, brown or some color in between the highest risk factors for ending up in poverty and/or prison is being born and raised without a father around and having criminals as parents.

Homicide isn’t the only crime being committed.

I spent 13.5 years in the US military working with blacks, and a large percentage of my students are black so don’t pretend you actually know what you’re talking about.

No coincidence they have escaped the inner city culture and all that comes with it.

When you look at those families they typically follow the same model for success that everyone else does.

Get an education.

Learn a valued skill or go into a high demand profession.

Stay out of prison.

Get married and stay married.

Raise your kids to be responsible adults who will repeat the same cycle.

We would then be in agreement.

That’s great that you had such overwhelmingly positive experiences, but those experiences are limited to you. Did you ever think that a lot of people may have had incredibly bad experiences which also helped to shape their worldview. I don’t think either worldview is incorrect as both have merits.

I’m not trying to play the centrist here. I’m just acknowledging that it’s a very complicated issue.

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Try reading what I replied to before commenting.

Blacks are just like everyone else, they come in good, bad, and in between.

There are a great many blacks who are the scum of the earth just like there are the same in every other race including white.

At the same time there are a whole lot of very good folks of every race as well.