White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


Before Islam they existed, even the Roman built on what was already there in North Africa. Islam destroyed what was there whereever it went, packed the people into caravans of slaves, looted what could be carried off and brought an end to many centuries of careful cultivation to push back the Sahara.

But if you want, in modern times there’s Botswana, a country that really only existed after colonialism because of a railroad. When given independence Botswana had among the lowest per capita incomes in Africa, which is saying something, and had very little in the way of education even among the elites, with one claim saying only one with the equivalent of a high school education.

But their first President had as his heroes and inspirations men like George Washington and Adam Smith rather than Lenin and Marx as was too common in other African countries. He was not a President for Life, didn’t blame white people or colonialism for his country being a ****hole. As a result of this very different ideology than those that went on to make ****holes out of places with great natural wealth to build on the country became one with Liberty, economic progress, placing an importance on education for everyone and so forth.

Botswana did with next to nothing what neighboring states with plenty to go for them failed to do. And they have only their people and not being overrun with Leftists to explain it.

Yes, by American standards the country isn’t “rich” rich to this day, but without the wealth of the world streaming into American coffers after WW2 (when we helped bomb much of the rest of the industrial world into rubble) as they rebuilt America would not be as rich as it is today either.

It isn’t being black that’s the problem with Africa, it’s the ideology of Marx on the one hand and the same ideology about race that insists the color of your skin says something of vital importance about who you are, who you should be on the other. The problem with Africa is the same problem with Venezuela now, the same problem that the Left wants to impose on this country and, incidentally, the same problem that plagues black communities in America once Leftist race radicals became a thing in the 60s and 70s.


Cultural Marxism was always about creating people who cannot sustain a civilization and a nation. It worked fastest where it could find roots of bitterness to prey upon. Nowadays, through political correctness and a self righteous kind of guilt by association it is making more and more and white people into such Useful Idiots. It does so as a collection of cultural phemenon, masterless after the fall of the Soviet Union, and those corrupted and ruined by it eagerly serve the ChiComs, the Muslim Brotherhood or just tear down the civilization for their jollies.

They have been led to believe that there is something for them beyond the revolution that they crave, that somehow there will be a socialist Phoenix to rise from the ashes. But it was always intended to do away with them by their old Soviet masters, those who called their dance would never tolerate their nonsense no matter their race or education level.


The 7x and 4x figures come from the FBI’s UCR.


Tribalism and radical islam are twomorevery serious problems.

In S. Africa for instance when black marxists are not busy raping and killing whites they are doing the same to each other based on tribal affiliations.

It’s still much the same in other parts of Africa where the only thing that’s changed with respect to tribal wars is that more modern weapons are being used.

Again, the problem is cultural, not racial.


Racial classifications were originally based on appearance and the measurable differences between appearances. Race classification based on visual analysis alone is entirely subjective, although most people know what they see when they see it. Visual race classification gets tricky when the DNA gets muddied up from interbreeding. That is why DNA is the best way to classify race.


If whites become a minority, we won’t be a group favored by the left. There won’t be anti discrimination laws for us, no affirmative action, we won’t have the wealth of other races redistributed to us. The left doesn’t care about minorities. They won’t stop until the last white man is dead.


Most know this exists and have experienced it a few times , the most dangerous place to be at night is on MLK Blvd in ANY City in the USA and most whites know it too !!!


South Africa today. Even this kind of scene won’t wake up liberals to the dangers facing the white race and the hatred and threat directed towards us.



The white foot soldiers of the Progressive Liberal movement will call themselves guilty, see themselves as deserving of punishment, and will pull the trigger under their own chin to right the wrongs of history’s evil Europeans. They would do the same to their own white family as well.

Just see how Mollie Tibbets’ father was more interested in ensuring illegals have sanctuary than ensuring no other women suffer the same fate as his daughter.


They are welcome to do so. I encourage them to do so.

Where I draw the line is when their delusional movement endangers me and mine. And that is what most with any modicum of common sense can agree upon.


By then it will be too late.


Yet, this is the struggle we are facing today. The leftist lunatics wanting to change the country and those of us who recognize the dangers of such thinking and oppose it.


Truth be told poverty and marxists policies has brought out the worst in people.

It doesn’t matter what the color of one skin is, when poverty and insane marxist ideology meets nothing good comes from it.


That’s why I rate the results of Cultural Marxism at least two and a half orders of magnitude more Stupid than the classic “Hey, y’all watch me do this!” … like the difference between a magnitude 5 or possibly 6 earthquake and an 8.5.

Please note: a Class 9 Stupid is adequate to threaten all life within a proverbial United Federation of Planets while a Class 10 could possibly threatens the existence of the universe itself. Class 8.5 at a minimum makes it impossible to sustain a civilization or nation … maybe even a species.

Our species simply lacks the wherewithal and power at this time to be substantively more Stupid than what Cultural Marxism has managed to produce.


That’s been going on longer than you have been on the planet.


Poverty by what standard? If you are talking about American minorities then I’m going to have to call bullshit as they are among the most entitled group of people anywhere. They receive benefits based on the color of their skin.- which is anything but equal.

If you are talking about the third world poverty that both parties have imported over the years then I would agree with you; however, they too benefit because of the color of their skin, possibly even more so than American-born minorities.

Also the third worlders are the ones who are bringing their failed policies and standard of living with them - bringing all of us down.


poverty in general, whether its Western Poverty, second or third world poverty, Poverty and Marxism goes hand in hand.

yes third worlders are bringing in their standard of living because the leftist socialist idiots in government believes this is a good thing and it keeps them electable.

Except that people are seeing it for what it is and elected Trump and I hope more will be voting and sending Trump into a second term.