White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


Do you have a source for that?


Is that word salad supposed to have some actual meaning?

There are only three recognized races period.


Your posts. … …


Well, I will certainly give you points for consistency. Being consistently wrong and obsessed with race seem to be your calling cards.

There is zero hispanic heritage in my family tree.


Still haven’t named on successful black country…

Anyhow - White Hispanics are such a tiny demographic in the USA they may as well not exist. If someone thinks they are a white Hispanic because they are light skinned they should get a DNA test because they are probably 99% mixed like the rest of the mestizos.

Real White hispanics never needed to immigrate because they had it good in their countries.


And again, the most recognized dictionaries in the world would disagree.




  • 1Relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Central and South America.

Example sentences

  1. 1.1 Relating to Spanish-speaking people or their culture, especially in the US.

‘the New York Hispanic community’



Have you tested your DNA? I guarantee you’re not as white as you think you are.


What a bunch of bullshit. They migrated just like our own European ancestors migrated looking for opportunity or to get away from oppression of one kind or another.

There are only three recognized races and Hispanics are Caucasian. Not all caucasians are the same shade of brown or white. Try visiting southern Spain sometime then take a trip to Norway.


Your guarantee would be worthless and yes my DNA has been thoroughly researched.


Holy crap you guys are still bitching about this?

Tell you what - I’m in Miami this evening. I’m about to head down to Little Havana to pick up some cigars.

I’ll tell all of the Cubans that they’re white. They will probably have a good laugh at that.


Not entirely. The adjective hispanic referes to them all.

The noun hispanic refers to those living in the United States.

Your definition from Merriam Webster included them both…without differentiation except by number.

Number 1 is an adjective.

Number 2 (by the addition of “or being a person of Latin American descent living in the U.S.”) is a noun.


He has zero understanding of the subject. I won’t suffer a fool.

I do agree that Hispanic isn’t a race but a geographic term. What @TWR is failing to comprehend is that they are the mestizo browns. They were too dim to realize they were Indians so they prided themselves on a geographic term, like Hispanic, like a race. They are their own race of browns, yes. But that race is Mestizo, not Hispanic. Hispanic is not a race. It’s selfish that these Mestizo fucks are stealing this term and trying to turn it into a race they think they “own” when they know not all Hispanics share their filthy Aztec Indian hybrid genes.

For the record. Hispanic whites (people of Latin American nationality with little to no admixture of non European DNA) don’t need to be catered/pandered to because the vast majority of them, just like the vast majority of white immigrants, integrate themselves easily and simply “disappear” from the ethnic census by just referring to themselves as whites.


Actual White “Hispanics” are less then 5 Million, the rest are just brown Mestizos identifying as white - which no one believes. As a group they have a massive inferiority complex.

Also @TWR still waiting on you to name a successful black country.


And number one is the most accepted definition by the authorities and not specific to the US.


And one more time, there are only three recognized races.

The native/indiginous peoples of North and South America are neither Negroid, nor Asian which leaves only caucasian.

There are no “pure bloods” of any kind left in Mexico, Central, or South America.

Most of the original inhabitants were killed off by diseases like Smallpox and what remained intermarried and bred with Spanish and Portuguese colonials.

As for your obsession with “black countries” let’s start with Namibia.

“Mestizo” is not a race, by definition it is people mixed ethnic heritage in the Americas.

Definition of mestizo

: a person of mixed bloodspecifically : a person of mixed European and American Indian ancestry

“Hispanic” is a term coined by American politicians, it is not a race.


That is not correct. Stop relying on the first result you find in Google and then doubling down on it. You don’t understand the subject.

Ok - let’s start with Namibia. This is the best you could find for a successful black country?


You challenge me with wiki?


Namibia has a better economy than the US averaging 4.3% growth and it’s only the 10th most successful country on the continent.

Namibia comes in world wide at number 97 in overall crime rates.


That there are three races (some say four) has been an accepted definition since the 1890s.

Some revisionists today want to do away with definition by race and go to definition by ethnicity…meaning some 5000 distinct peoples.

His definition is correct until it is changed by overwhelming acceptance of a new definition by genetic scientists.

It matters not what you or I think. At the present time there are no more than four accepted races:



That is pretty hateful. Since when is anyone responsible for their genetics?


So when are you moving?


Why would I move? I like to hunt there but the climate doesn’t agree with me year round.