White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


I haven’t seen @TWR name one successful black country yet. If his position were correct he should have no problem doing so.


TWR appears to use the liberal tactic of accusing others of what he is doing…pretending to actually know what he is talking about.

Simply put, he’s likely just adept at doing quick internet searches to answer any and all questions that may arise.


South Africa was “thee” shining star of the continent. Settled & built by whites; and now under black rule, heading back to the Stone Age at the speed of light. Here’s some black rule genius. We will ignore the killing of the white farmers who feed our country. Farms are now floundering, & many totally abandoned. The logistics required to operate mega farms - large farms has taken many decades to refine. You cannot hand over these farms to people with absolutely no knowledge of large scale farming. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [

KZN farms lie abandoned | IOL News

](https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/kzn-farms-lie-abandoned-424548)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------all the farms had been handed over as working entities.

The new farmers inherited water rights, electricity, tractors and other farm implements. Pointing to a rusted trailer used to transport sugar cane, he said it had not moved for five years.


This is about the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. You ever been to Mexico? The only white people down there are the tourists propping up their economy. Hispanics are not white.




He’s referring to the US census numbers regarding race. We’re not talking about race though, we’re talking about ethnicity. It’s how they come up with nonsense like this:


They are Caucasian…just as are white Europeans and their ancestors.

Whites are Caucasian.
Hispanics are Caucasian.

Actual skin color has little to do with it.


To be fair, it’s about 30% of the crime and it’s far less than 13% of the population if you look at the actual demographics of the offenders. The majority are young black males from 14-35 and that covers the lion’s share of the crime among the black community.

Here’s a table of arrests from the FBI
You can see that whites make up 69.3% of all of the arrests, though they hold high percentages of fraud, DUI, Liquor laws and a few others. Black people make up 54.9% of robberies, 49.4% of murders and are only appropriately represented (~13%) in DUI, liquor laws and drunkenness. They are over represented in everything else, moving higher on the charts where the offense is violent. Victim surveys are similar.


Yup, though when talking about behavior, it’s not terribly valuable to look at only race. You have to go into ethnicity because that goes into the core behavior of a group.


…and culture is more definitive than ethnicity in determining the general behavior of groups of people. Just as their are many ethnic groups within a race, their are multiple cultures within each ethnic groups.

Generalizations should not be applied to an entire ethnicity based on the behavior of a single culture within it.

Even a local Kiwanis Club has its own culture.


This is mostly true. Some Hispanics are indiginous… not European.


It’s all true. I didn’t say that all Hispanics are European.

I left out the word “as” which may have been confusing.
Now is fixed.


Hispanic is a completely nebulous term. I don’t care what any of you say. Hispanics are not white. Use the two eyes God gave you and cut the semantics.


Nobody said they were white.

White people are Caucasian.
Hispanics are Caucasian.

The only people who are not Caucasian are the Negroids and the Mongoloids (Asians).

There is no playing with semantics involved.


Partially correct, though when you go world wide and come up with example after example of different crime rates among different ethnic groups, it’s not a generalization, it’s an observation. I’m not saying all African and Mestizo people are murderers, I’m saying there’s something about the ethnic groups that seem to produce more murderers. With as many illegal immigrants as the left is trying to let in here, a lot of them from Central America, we should really pay attention to things like that. When you examine MS13, you find a lot of behavior that mimics the behavior in their nations of origin. I don’t know about you but I don’t want the murder rates of Honduras or El Salvador. I certainly don’t want to bring the political system of Venezuela here either. :wink:

Out of the top 50 murder rates in the world, how many aren’t majority African or Mestizo nations? In this list, a quick look seems to be Russia and Iraq.


I live in the heart of PA’s Coal Regions. You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting someone who is armed to the teeth. The only Western towns East of the Mississippi.


I’d rather leave their asses in their home country and let my pistol see limited action at the range instead of fighting these morons. :wink:


US census bureau has different categories of races.
True… “Hispanic” is not one of them. But these are:

Black or African American
American Indian
Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian
Other Pacific Islander,


If you have a better source of homicide rates provide it.


That isn’t true, that isn’t even in the same galaxy as true.


Whites commit roughly 70% of all crimes and blacks roughly 28%.