White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


Well, and that is how it is done.

Not by getting in someone’s face but by listening and citing facts for consideration.


LBJ was right! The trinkets worked…for the Democrat plantation!


Yep - and people want to keep handing them more trinkets because they feel bad. It’s like giving a kid a brand new toy every time they throw a temper tantrum.


Eventually, you have to spank the child (mentally or physically) and stop giving them toys.


Honestly, I kind of got the impression you did. I mean no offense by that. Sometimes it is difficult to tell by words when you cannot see expressions and body language.

What and who doesn’t take personal responsibility these days? Isn’t that what liberals are all about? Making sure everyone blames everyone else and the government comes to the rescue?

Is that not what we should be coming together on and fighting against as conservatives?

I couldn’t agree more with you on end the hand outs. I never got one. I sucked it up and kept a goal in mind and worked for it. Sounds like you did too and kudos to you for it.

However, I do have to say if you think @TWR is a pandering type you are dead wrong on that. God help me if I wanted to take a class with him on self defense. He’d chew my ass until I had to borrow someone else’s to be able to sit down because he cares … a lot. New to you but not to me. He grows on you :wink:


Wrong. Liberals do and they are the problem.


No offense taken @DMK - I was pissed off when I was replying because my post was respectful but to the point and I got nothing but disrespect back.


It still sounds like a lot of ‘conservatives’ want to give handouts out too.


Perhaps what you inferred was not what he implied. To say that “people do this” does not mean to say that “all people do this”.


…especially those in Washington that rely on votes to hold their jobs.


Thank you because I mean no disrespect.

I have to say, I came from the Hannity board and wow, it really tilted my perspective. I still feel like I have a shield and spear at the ready. I think others do as well?

The thing to keep in perspective is we are all conservatives to varying degrees. On the Hannity board I thought I was hard core! Here? I feel almost like a liberal or moderate.

Let’s find our common ground. We don’t need to parse words do we?


Perhaps some do, Tyfoon.

Yet, my perspective is only limited to my experiences.

What if someone has more experience than I and can see a bigger picture? Should I disregard that? Or, should I take it into consideration and be thoughtful about it?

I disagree with @TWR on giving billions to Mexico to stem the flow of immigrants. Yet, he has served and seen more than I ever will have seen in my lifetime.

Therefore, I consider what he has to say. I ask questions until I understand the other side. Then, I make my own decision.

As you said, it is complicated. We conservatives… we need to stick together now more than ever.

We have common ground. Let’s find it.


Russia has a higher murder rate than all but a couple of African nations.

Hispanics are considered to be white yet the countries with the highest murder rates in the world are right here in our own hemisphere.

Lithuania has a higher murder rate than several African nations.

Niger has a lower murder rate than the US and most of Europe.

Tunisia, Bhutan, and LIbya have murder rates about half that of the US.


Pandering my ass, my solution would be to uproot the welfare state like a bad weed and it is the primary driver of the destruction of the black family and the high incarceration rates of blacks.


Murder rates are calculated by incidents either reported or discovered by police. Comparing African countries that are struggling to establish the rule of law with Western countries with established law enforcement is like comparing apples and oranges.


You are essentially making the argument that deep down they are all doctors and engineers just waiting for the right conditions needed to demonstrate their full potential.

Now - name one successful black country.




So a few comments.

#1. Hispanics are not white. They are a separate ethnic group. While we’re talking about culture, we have to be honest and not try to lump Hispanics in with Europeans. That said, in the US, the Hispanic murder rate and violent crime rate is higher than Whites, though no where near the black community. . . surely we’re not going to argue that Hispanics aren’t living in poverty at nearly the same rates as blacks, right? Census shows Hispanics @ 25% while blacks are 28%, yet the murder rates among Hispanics are much lower than blacks. It also goes to the culture. Single mother rates among Hispanic people are 42% (2016) while single mother rates among blacks is 66%.
#2. If you honestly believe Niger has a lower murder rate than the US, you’re in need of a reality check. Seriously. Here’s a hint. It’s on the watch list of high crime and high terrorism activity by OSAC. Hell, our company won’t travel there and we go to Nigeria!
#3. Libya has a lower murder rate than the US? Again, I would respectfully ask you to not belief official state numbers and delve a little further into the situation there. No way Libya is safer than the US.
#4. Take a good long look at the murder rates in those countries you’re talking about with high murder rates. A very large portion of them have black majorities or Mestizo majorities. Interestingly enough, if you look at those countries, the murder rates among whites is similar to the murder rates among whites in the US and Europe. The Asian murder rates are similar to Asian murder rates in Asia.

Keep in mind, I’ve been to Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Libya and Egypt. That’s a fairly decent cross section of Africa and it’s simply nonsense to suggest they’re safer than the US.

That said, I fully agree that the welfare state needs to be uprooted if we want to make progress. That will go a long way in fixing the family unit because they’ll have to stick it out during the tough times and come together as a family. The kids will be the beneficiaries because they’ll grow up in a home with two parents, a bit of discipline and a shot at life.


In the 70s I lived in Pottsville, Pa. Many blacks in my neighborhood. EVERYONE worked & EVERYONE got along fine. I met one of the neighbors ( back guy ) some time ago. I remember he worked 3 jobs. He told me his granddaughter had a half dozen kids from different men. Called her a welfare whore. His heart was broken. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I said this applied to blacks only, I would be lying through my teeth. I have a family member who has 4 kids from 3 different women. He is one low life scum bag.


Are you disputing the stats ? :exploding_head: 13% of the population committing over 90% of the crime in the USA .