White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


Let me help you.

I’m not being an asshole, you are. Apparently, it’s due to the fact that you have such a terrible reading deficit and need to compensate for it.

Speaking of reading deficits, I suggest you work harder to improve your writing.

The appropriate word in this sentence is “their”.

Now - continue providing your anecdotal evidence of how the blacks have had it so hard…and just can’t seem to manage to figure out that little thing called personal responsibility.

I also welcome reading more of your sonnets and soliloquies to the black man.


Maybe if I type this very slowly it will help.

I already did.


I’ll be sure and complain about autocomplete again if it makes you feel any better.


I think I get where TWR is coming from, he is basically saying that every race has good and bad, and it depends on the interactions of such individual

I have one black friend, and one chinese friend, one italian friend all good people, but Ive also was robbed at gun point by a black thug in Detroit when I was going to see a Red Wing/Ranger hockey game.

But I dont hate all blacks, I do hate the thug types.

Blacks make up 13% of the population but is responsible for a lot of violent crime, My buddy who is an italian hates the mafia and refuses to watch any mafia show because of the stereo type and he is in the construction business and has to face the prejudice and the silly jokes about la cosa nostra and if he is connected ( which he is not)


You have a lot in common with blacks. You pointed your finger and insulted me. Then when I called you out on your own shortcomings you failed to take personal responsibility. Well done.


I’ve seen most of the world and interacted with people of every race you can name on 6 continents.

I’m also old enough to see the change in “The Black Family” and “Black Culture” as both have been eroded since we began the war on poverty.

I’ve learned enough to simply judge everyone based on their actions rather than their race and recognize that culture has a far greater effect on people than the color of their skin.


Oh I admit to one big mistake, attempting to have a reasonable conversation with a bunch of racist idiots.


Please show where any backtracking exists. You’ve not shown any yet.

First you quoted post #28…then post #21.

You are struggling with the concept of backtracking.


Yup, I get where he is coming from as well. :+1:

I am a white woman and I dance to the beat of my own drum. I don’t want to be lumped into some kind of peg hole. I don’t think anyone does.

No more than the current idiocy of “white privilege”. You’re white. Therefore, you are privileged. What total horse hockey.

How about, “you didn’t build that”. The hell I didn’t!

You’re right. I don’t hate blacks. I hate thugs. Just like the gun didn’t kill someone the person holding the gun did.


See the bolded and italics.

You seem so desperate to have an argument with me you can’t read what’s being responded to and don’t even recognize your own writing.


Very, very wise words.

Judge people based people based upon their actions. (and I would add not on their words).

Sickness in a person’s soul does not know skin color.


On one hand, that’s a decent point. On the other hand, name an African nation with a lower murder rate than ANY white nation. Name a place in the world where the murder rate among white people is higher than that of black people. Hell, looking at nations through the list, you have to go down into the 80’s to find a majority white nation in the murders per capita by nation. Just imagine for a second if there were no black murders in the USA. Our rate drops to rates similar to Europe. Interestingly enough, Europe ranks among the lowest in the world in murder rates while ranking among the highest in white population. Asians and Whites rank among the lowest murder rates in the US, while Asian and White nations rank among the lowest in the world on murder rates. Can’t pin it all on poverty and be honest.

I don’t think you’re more prone to murder because you’re black but I DO think that there are cultural differences that make a difference. Just look at the gang culture among young black men. Their music drips of it. Their actions drip of it. For instance, black males in some communities are encouraged to wear the same white shoes so they can blend in when they run. That’s cultural rather than poverty based. Also, there are communities that live in very poor conditions that don’t have crime rates that even come CLOSE to that of black people. Again, for instance, I grew up poor. I remember my mother trading in coke bottles she got from neighbors to get enough money for a pack of liver. Not one of us was violent because it wasn’t tolerated, much less celebrated like some in the black community.

Sorry, I’ve been to too many countries around the world to believe it’s just about poverty. Certainly there’s few nations with as many poor people as India, yet their crime rates are a fraction of the rates in most of Africa.


Um not to derail, but what is a pack of liver?


LOL, Liver and Onions… a staple we were forced to eat growing up. It was cheap. :smiley:


Hmm, okay just never heard of it called a pack. BTW I love liver and onions with some bacon but I digress. :roll_eyes:

You do make some points worth pondering. As @Tyfoon said, it is a complicated issue.

Experiences count because they form perceptions. Quite a bit of the black community wants nothing to do with changing perceptions.

However, that makes it very difficult for the black people who are good and decent people who want to break away from that culture.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of dealing with people who happen to be black. Get to talking about things in common and skin color goes to the wayside. I’d love to see more of that, not less. Agree?


You have a twisted sense of logic (or of telling the truth).

Again…from post #21, I said:

Here is “what he wrote”:

Then in post #28, I said:

…and you label that “backtracking”?


What school was it that deprived you of an education?


The point of the matter is without the testosterone and peacock feather flustering is…

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Treat people as you want to be treated.

Speak to people as you would like to be spoken to.

Don’t judge someone by skin color anymore than you want to be judged by yours.

Taking into consideration there are some people who have had some very, very bad experiences who should also not be judged.

Edit to add: Harrumph. Get off my lawn! :laughing:


I have three black nieces, one black nephew, a black brother-in-law, Hispanic step son and grand kids, Hispanic daughter in law and a slew of friends that cross nearly every boundary, including a “Redneck Asian” guy. :smiley:

I fully agree that most black people are good people, nearly ALL of them to be honest. Just like white people, Asians, Hispanics and others. There’s no question that families like ours are the reason racism is on the decline. That said, I don’t want to move away from the issues that cause high murder rates because it’s culture (which you mentioned) rather than poverty. I don’t like blaming things that aren’t responsible because it keeps us from properly addressing the problem. There are multiple studies that show poverty has nothing to do with crime.

Essentially, I started speaking my mind on this issue when one of our more Liberal family members (black lady) was blaming racism for the higher incarceration rates among black people. She was suggesting it was a conspiracy by whitey to keep the black man down… I pointed out that 90% of the crimes committed by black people that they go to prison for are committed AGAINST other black people and until they address the culture of crime that resides in their heritage, it won’t change. I say heritage because the mentality is nearly the same among black criminals in America as it is in black criminals in South America, the Caribbean and Africa. The common mentality I’ve seen is to blame “the man” for their actions and it has to stop.

To her, I suggested we had a choice. Prosecute black offenders and obtain justice for their victims, of which 90% are black, or don’t prosecute those offenders and deny justice to black people. The first day I said this, I was a racist that was just stupid, but for some odd reason, they come over for dinner once every few months and we talk politics and it’s always respectful and we both learn a lot. She won’t admit it but she hardened her views on black criminals a bit.


Just FYI, we used to call it a pack of liver, pack of hamburger, pack of chicken when we bought it raw from the store… not sure why. Nebraskan Rednecks. :smiley:


I didn’t say I hated black people. I don’t appreciate being called a racist either.

Maybe you need to read my posts a little closer. My problem with the MAJORITY of the black community is that they don’t take personal responsibility for their actions. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Somebody else always made their life so hard. Boo fucking hoo. I grew up as dead broke as it gets. A while back I would have killed to have a quarter of the opportunity handed to me that blacks get handed to them. Now I’m glad I didn’t get any handouts because I’ve started my own businesses and they are really taking off. Want to fix the black community. End the handouts, end the excuses, and take the training wheels off.

I think your type of pandering is a part of the reason why many blacks can’t get up off their own asses and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.