White Victims of Black Crime - James Loyd Armstrong


Apparently he did read what you wrote…and I agree with his assessment. World views are much like opinions…everybody has one based on their own experiences.

It is only the arrogant among us that insist everyone else must agree with theirs or be stupid.


Well if that’s the case you are agreeing with a lie. Not everyone that works with blacks ends up hating them.


I did not read into his post that he had overwhelmingly positive experiences. I’d gather he had good and bad with all races.

I had some very, very bad experiences in high school with black girls. For awhile it did negatively affect my perceptions. However, in the working world I able to realize my perceptions should not be globalized. People are people. Some are good. Some are bad. They come in all shapes, sizes and skin color.

If I am walking down a street and I see someone slinking around in a hoodie with their pants around their ankles, I’m going to to go the other side of the street. Don’t care what color they are, that is just potential trouble I want’ to avoid.

However, if you have had overwhelmingly negative experiences, I can certainly understand where you are coming from.


Yes, that is true. Experiences shape our perceptions and help to protect us.

If I’d been assaulted in an elevator by a person wearing a green sweatshirt, I might learn to hate elevators or the color green. Yet, neither of those things are inherently evil. My perception of them is that they are.


That should be “blacks”.


You might if you are a chiropractor. :wink:


Oh hell, whatever will I do, I dropped an L!


Read what I write before responding. I said nothing of the sort. What is said essentially was that the arrogant among us insist that anyone not agreeing with their world outlook or opinion must be a fool.

I doubt that you respect blacks any more than do I.


If I went with that logic I’d have to hate everyone because I’ve had negative contacts with people of pretty much every race.

I’m just not made that way.


But it was a funny typo… Like the price of gay… :laughing:


I read what you wrote exactly as it’s written.

Are you now trying to backtrack on your comment?


What logic did I post that is contrary to agreeing with you?


I try! …


Please show where you think I am backtracking. Quote the contradictory statements. Don’t reword them in any way.


I read the whole thread. No need to be a condescending asshole. I don’t share the same gleeful outlook as you do about blacks. That doesn’t make you right. Doesn’t make me wrong either.


Well, it gave me a chuckle…:+1:


I already did.


You’re wrong yet again. Please quote where I’ve ever said I’ve had overwhelmingly positive interactions with blacks, or that I have such a gleeful outlook for or about them?

There culture has largely been turned on it’s head and made what it is today by liberal dogooders that destroyed the black family with welfare.

I’m not being an asshole you are, and apparently it’s due to the fact you have such a terrible reading deficit and need to compensate for it.


You didn’t say that. I was inferring based upon the tone and language of your vignettes and anecdotes.


That is a cop out. You’re a self-aggrandizing, arrogant blow hard. Either prove your claim by quoting from my posts above or STFU.